How to find all the Two Chivalrous Heroes flags in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to find all the Two Chivalrous Heroes flags in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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9th Mar 2023 15:11

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty contains much of the same DNA as games such as Dark Souls. Players can expect brutal difficulty, along with the huge reprise of finding a Battle Flag - which is essentially this game’s take on the bonfire system found in Soulslike games.

In terms of Wo Long, there are Battle Flags and Marking Flags to find in each mission - the latter used to increase your morale rank and make you more powerful against enemies. However, unlike other games of the genre, where it’s relatively easy to find each one, you may have to explore off the beaten path.

One of the game’s earlier missions, Two Chivalrous Heroes, is possibly one of the more challenging in terms of finding everything. If you need assistance in discovering where all the flag locations are on this battlefield, we have a full walkthrough to help you out.

Where are all the flags for the Two Chivalrous Heroes Mission?

In Wo Long, each mission contains Battle Flags, and potentially, a couple of Marking Flags to find too. In the case of Two Chivalrous Heroes, there are seven Battle Flags and five Marking Flags to find. 

It’s quite a lot for an introductory mission, but don’t worry, we have every location listed below for you:

Battle Flag 1 

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At the very start of the mission on the main path. Impossible to miss.

Battle Flag 2

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Continue forward until the path splits. It doesn’t matter which way you go as both pass the Battle Flag. If you’ve come to a giant wooden gate, you’ve gone too far.

Marking Flag 1

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On top of the wooden gate that you used to enter the village. Use the nearby rooftops to reach it.

Marking Flag 2

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Continue through the village and up some stairs. Take the path that splits to the right and travel behind the houses. Use a wall to reach the roofs and find one roof with a huge hole. Use this to enter and find the Marking Flag.

Battle Flag 3

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From the last flag, exit the building and follow the path towards Marking Flag 2 again. Instead of jumping on the roof this time, take the path up the small hill to the right. At the end, you will find a scorched building and the Battle Flag.

Battle Flag 4

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Right before the archway leaving this village, you will find the Battle Flag on the main path.

Marking Flag 3

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Follow the path until you come to a split. Take the right path and follow it up the cliff to reach this Marking Flag.

Battle Flag 5

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Go back to the split and take the other path. Follow it forward and avoid taking the path up the cliff - you will come here later. Instead, keep going forward until you reach the mid-level boss fight. Defeat the boss and the Battle Flag will be in your sight straight after. Impossible to miss.

Battle Flag 6

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Keep going forward and when you pass through the passageway to a more open area, look for a path in the bottom right. Take this and venture inside a cave. Inside, you will find multiple enemies. Defeat them all and then look below where they were to find a tough enemy waiting. Kill them too and use the Battle Flag next to them. 

Marking Flag 4

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Go back towards Battle Flag 5 to the open area. This time, head inside and through the building before taking the path to the left when exiting. At the end of this path is Marking Flag 4.

Battle Flag 7

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From the building you exited to reach this area, take the path forward up the stairs. The Battle Flag will be right in front of you surrounded by enemies. Impossible to miss.

Marking Flag 5

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From Battle Flag 7, turn around and climb up the scaffolding. Along the cliff wall, you will find some wooden boards. Break these and enter the cave to find the Marking Flag at the end of the path.

And with that, you will now have all of the Two Chivalrous Heroes flags in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty!

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