Dark Souls Player Kills Every Boss With Poop

Dark Souls Player Kills Every Boss With Poop
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Tom Chapman


15th Mar 2022 13:49

Ah Souls-like games - they're everywhere right now, aren't they? Unless you've been lurking under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you'll undoubtedly have heard of Elden Ring, as FromSoftware scores another win. Although Elden Ring isn't a Souls game in terms of being a sequel or prequel, it very much feels like an extension of Lordran. 

And if you thought Dark Souls was hard, it's nothing compared to Elden Ring and the gruelling task of trying to best Margit for the 100th time, realising he's the first in a long line of increasingly bone-breaking bosses. Still, that hasn't stopped speedrunners rattling through Elden Ring in record time. How about making it a bit harder?

Can You Beat Dark Souls With Poop?

Although the Souls-like genre was born long before Demon's Souls was released in 2009, thanks to the influential Metroidvania series, it's FromSoftware that's become known for defining this kind of game. Since the release of Dark Souls in 2011, this title, in particular, has become known for speedrunning and inventive ways to try and polish off its campaign.

And we really mean inventive, as the latest speedrunning challenge has seen streamer "LilAggy" tackle Dark Souls with the added caveat that they can only take out bosses while using the Dung Pie as a weapon. LilAggy asked, "Who would win, Gwyn Lord of Cinder or a literal pile of poop?" Seven and a half hours later, we know that the pile of dung stands victorious. LilAggy has caused quite the stink with this one.

In Dark Souls, Dung Pies are neat little projectiles that can poison enemies and potentially yourself, meaning they're not exactly a go-to choice of weapon. Still, if you flick enough of these at a boss, it turns out you can beat them. LilAggy employs a couple of loopholes here because enemies like the Iron Goblin are immune to Dung Pies. Still, seeing them put Gwyn in the grave is an impressive legacy to leave.


Are Souls-Like Games Are Really That Hard?

If throwing literally piles of sh*t at Dark Souls wasn't enough, LilAggy plenty of impressive speedruns under his belt, or should that be blindfold? Because that is how he completed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, while he also tackled Dark Souls but with the caveat that he would level down every time he was hit. Meanwhile, some of us are still stuck against the Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring

The issue of Elden Ring's difficulty has even been raised by the game's director, who apologised for those who think it's "too hard". Even 12 years later, Dark Souls continues to lure us back with some imaginative challenge runs, so we can't wait to see if it's the same with Elden Ring in a decade. We're still questioning why that one Dark Souls merchant has an unlimited supply of Dung Pies - and why she keeps making them - but there we go. We've got to admit though, this is one "crappy" Dark Souls experience that turned out pretty great.


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