All set bonuses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

All set bonuses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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Even if you’re a pro at taking down bosses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you may find that some enemies or encounters are proving to be huge roadblocks for you. It can be frustrating, and with some of the game’s systems being obtuse, it can be a bit confusing how to manage your character properly.

Sometimes, slightly increasing a few stats can massively improve your chances of survival. One incredibly easy way of doing this is by equipping armour sets, each of which comes with set bonuses that will be extremely useful when you’re in a tricky spot.

If you’re curious to see what all the set bonuses are in Wo Long, we have a fully comprehensive guide detailing them all here.

All set bonuses in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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Set bonuses are vital in Wo Long, especially when you’re stuck in certain situations. They can raise stats, such as your health, defense, spirit gain, and much more. Depending on your playstyle certain armour sets will be more beneficial to you.

To help you out, we’ve got all the armour sets in Wo Long detailed, along with their set bonuses below:



Set Bonuses

Valorous Vanguard Set

  • Valorous Vanguard Helmet
  • Valorous Vanguard Armor
  • Valorous Vanguard Gauntlets
  • Valorous Vanguard Greaves
  • Dire Tiger
  • Martial Arts Spirit Consumption -1.4%
  • Haste Upon Martial Arts 
  • Power Gain Upon Fatal Strike
  • Straight Sabre Damage +6.7%

Man of Benevolence Set

  • Man of Benevolence Crown
  • Man of Benevolence Armor
  • Man of Benevolence Gauntlets
  • Man of Benevolence Footwear
  • Pair of Swords of Aspiration
  • Large Grass Knot
  • HP +10
  • HP Recovery upon Deflection +5
  • Damage Taken in Perfect Condition -4.3%
  • Spirit Fervor Upon HP Recovery
  • Damage Dealt in Perfect Condition +13.8%

Rampancy Set

  • Helmet of Rampancy
  • Armor of Rampancy
  • Gauntlets of Rampancy
  • Greaves of Rampancy
  • Soaring Ursine Mace
  • Spirit Gain from Deflecting +2.2%
  • Spirit Damage Received -1.9%
  • Damage Reduction Upon Deflection
  • Martial Arts Damage +6.0%

Boldness Set

  • Helmet of Boldness
  • Armor of Boldness
  • Gauntlets of Boldness
  • Greaves of Boldness
  • Unparalleled Spear
  • Deflect Spirit Consumption -1.4%
  • Morale Rank Points Gain +4.0%
  • Power Gain upon Deflection
  • Spear Damage +6.7%

Young Conquerer Set

  • Young Conqueror Bandana
  • Young Conqueror Garb
  • Young Conqueror Gauntlets
  • Young Conqueror Greaves
  • Tiger Fang Dual Halberds
  • Spirit Gain from Normal Attacks +1.9%
  • Received Damage while Attacking -1.9%
  • Damage Amplification on Enemy upon Deflecting a Critical Blow
  • Dual Halberds Damage +6.7%

Unscrupulous Hero Set

  • Unscrupulous Hero Crown
  • Unscrupulous Hero Armor
  • Unscrupulous Hero Gauntlets
  • Unscrupulous Hero Greaves
  • Heaven's Reliance
  • A Brief Explanation of Sun Tzu
  • Morale Rank Points Gain +3.2%
  • Marking Flag Detection
  • Slow on Enemy Upon Martial
  • Sword Spirit Damage +7.9%
  • Spirit Vulnerability on Enemy Upon Martial Arts

Blue-Eyed Child Set

  • Blue-Eyed Child Helmet
  • Blue-Eyed Child Armor
  • Blue-Eyed Child Gauntlets
  • Blue-Eyed Child Greaves
  • Halo
  • Tiger Hunting Bow
  • Ammo Held Max +2
  • Ammo Retrieval Upon Ranged Attack 4.8%
  • Martial Arts Spirit Consumption -2.4%
  • Melee Attack Damage +5.2%
  • Damage Amplification to Enemy upon Ranged Attack

Evil Taoist Set

  • Evil Taoist Headpiece
  • Evil Taoist Cloak
  • Evil Taoist Bracelets
  • Evil Taoist Leglets
  • Sword of Yu the Great
  • Spirit Gain from Deflecting +2.2%
  • Elemental Damage +2.4%
  • Damage Amplification on Enemy upon Wizardry Spell
  • Wizardry Spell Damage +6.7%

Flying General Set

  • Flying General Mask
  • Flying General Armor
  • Flying General Gauntlets
  • Flying General Greaves
  • Sky-Piercing Halberd
  • Flying General's Bow
  • HP +10
  • Enemy Detection
  • Martial Arts Spirit Consumption -2.4%
  • Halberd Spirit Consumption +7.9%
  • Martial Arts Damage +9.6%

Dread Star of Hejian Set

  • Dread Star of Hejian Helmet
  • Dread Star of Hejian Armor
  • Dread Star of Hejian Gauntlets
  • Dread Star of Hejian Greaves
  • Quake Griffin Hammer
  • Damage Received -1.3%
  • Guard Spirit Consumption -2.2%
  • Spirit Damage Received while Attacking -3.4%
  • Hammer Spirit Damage +7.9%

Tyrant Overlord Set

  • Tyrant Overlord Circlet
  • Tyrant Overlord Surcoat
  • Tyrant Overlord Gauntlets
  • Tyrant Overlord Greaves
  • Triumphant Conquest
  • HP +10
  • Power Drop upon Fatal Strike on Enemy
  • HP Restoration from Melee Attack Damage E
  • Spirit Damage to Enemies with Negative Effects +7.9%

Fierce Zhang Fei Set

  • Fierce Zhang Fei Bandana
  • Fierce Zhang Fei Armor
  • Fierce Zhang Fei Gauntlets
  • Fierce Zhang Fei Footwear
  • Invictus Serpent Spear
  • Martial Arts Spirit Consumption -1.4%
  • Spirit Gain +1.9%
  • Damage Received while Attacking -2.7%
  • Martial Arts Damage +6.0%

Libationer Guo Set

  • Libationer Guo Crown
  • Libationer Guo Overcoat
  • Libationer Guo Gloves
  • Libationer Guo Footwear
  • Night Owl Cane
  • Silver Inlay Liubo Dice
  • Enemy Status Effect Accumulation +3.8%
  • Power Drop upon Fatal Strike on Enemies
  • Negative Effect Duration on Enemies +3.4%
  • Damage Amplification upon Fatal Strike on Enemy
  • Damage to Enemies with Negative Effects +10.6%

Lead Tiger Servant Set

  • Lead Tiger Servant Cap
  • Lead Tiger Servant Armor
  • Lead Tiger Servant Gauntlets
  • Lead Tiger Servant Greaves
  • Iron Poled Snake Spear
  • Spirit Sustainability +10
  • Negative Effect Removal Upon Fatal Strike
  • Martial Arts Spirit Consumption -2.4%
  • Martial Arts Spirit Damage +7.2%

The Leader of Lords Set

  • Helmet of The Leader of Lords
  • Armor of The Leader of Lords
  • Gauntlets of The Leader of Lords
  • Greaves of The Leader of Lords
  • Copper Obtention +5.1%
  • Morale Rank Points Gain +4.0%
  • Drop Rate A
  • Melee Attack Damage +5.2%

Prefect Xun Set

  • Prefect Xun Hat
  • Prefect Xun Silk Garb
  • Prefect Xun Gloves
  • Prefect Xun Footwear
  • Saint's Virtue
  • Genuine Qi Obtention +5.1%
  • Restore HP +1.6%
  • Positive Effect Duration +3.4%
  • Regeneration upon Fatal Strike
  • Element-imbued Weapon Damage +11.2%

Tianzhu Hermit Set

  • Tianzhu Hermit Conical Hat
  • Tianzhu Hermit Robe
  • Tianzhu Hermit Bracers
  • Tianzhu Hermit Footwear
  • Jade-Green Staff
  • HP +10
  • Wizardry Spell Spirit Consumption -1.8%
  • Power Gain Upon Wizardry Spell
  • Staff Spirit Damage +7.9%

General of Man Set

  • General of Man Bandana
  • General of Man Armor
  • General of Man Gauntlets
  • General of Man Greaves
  • Great Club of Polaris
  • Spirit Gain from Normal Attacks +1.9%
  • Spirit Damage Received while Attacking -2.4%
  • Berserker's Might Upon Deflection 
  • Melee Attack Spirit Damage +6.4%

Rushing Set

  • Helmet of Rushing
  • Armor of Rushing
  • Gauntlets of Rushing
  • Greaves of Rushing
  • Sirius
  • Feathered Cavalry Bow
  • Ammo Held Max +2
  • Ammo Replenish Upon Fatal Strike +2
  • Ammo Retrieval Upon Ranged Attack 6.7%
  • Slow to Enemy upon Ranged
  • Shooting Weapon Damage +13.4%

Vicious Tiger Set

  • Vicious Tiger Helmet
  • Vicious Tiger Armor
  • Vicious Tiger Gautlets
  • Vicious Tiger Greaves
  • Guding Blade
  • Spirit Sustainability +10
  • Spirit Gain from Deflecting +2.7%
  • Spirit Fervor Upon Fatal Strike
  • Spirit Attack Damage +6.0%

Dauntess Tiger Servant Set

  • Dauntless Tiger Servant Helmet
  • Dauntless Tiger Servant Armor
  • Dauntless Tiger Servant Gauntlets
  • Dauntless Tiger Servant Greaves
  • Curve-Headed Glaive
  • Damage Received -1.3%
  • Guard Spirit Consumption -2.2%
  • Power Gain upon Martial Arts 
  • Damage Dealt in Perfect Condition +10.3%

Staunchness Set

  • Helmet of Staunchness
  • Armor of Staunchness
  • Gloves of Staunchness
  • Greaves of Staunchness
  • Vermilion Bird Greataxe
  • Status Effect Resistance 3.8%
  • Received Spirit Damage while Attacking -2.4%
  • Spirit Consumption -2.1%
  • Poleaxe Damage +6.7%

Stalwart Tiger Servant Set

  • Stalwart Tiger Servant Cap
  • Stalwart Tiger Servant Armor
  • Stalwart Tiger Servant Gauntlets
  • Stalwart Tiger Servant Footwear
  • Hook Blades of King Helu
  • Stealth +19
  • Fatal Strike Damage +2.8%
  • Spirit Fervor Upon Fatal Strike
  • Dual Sabres Spirit Damage +7.9%

Ser Magnificient Beard Set

  • Ser Magnificent Beard Crown
  • Ser Magnificent Beard Armor
  • Ser Magnificent Beard Gauntlets
  • Ser Magnificent Beard Greaves
  • Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive
  • Spirit Gain from Deflecting +2.2%
  • Martial Arts Spirit Consumption -1.8%
  • Damage Reduction Upon Deflecting a Critical Blow
  • Glaive Damage +6.7%

Curse Star of Hejian Set

  • Curse Star of Hejian Headband
  • Curse Star of Hejian Armor
  • Curse Star of Hejian Gauntlets
  • Curse Star of Hejian Greaves
  • Drought Demon Blade
  • Spirit Gain from Normal Attacks +1.9%
  • Deflect Spirit Consumption -1.8%
  • Spirit Fervor Upon Deflection
  • Curved Sabre Damage +6.7%

That’s all the set bonuses you can gain in Wo Long. As mentioned, some will suit your playstyle better than others, so be sure to find what works for you and use them in your favour.

The armour and weapons are mostly found in random drops. Be sure to loot every chest and body you come across and keep hold of any pieces of equipment you may need in the future.

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