How to beat the Changui in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to beat the Changui in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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9th Mar 2023 17:38

The Changui in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a tough cat to handle, especially when you're first starting your journey. Its rapid claws and manoeuvrability are chilling when you first encounter it. Here's exactly how to beat the Changui in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, so you can get the awesome loot behind it.

  • You can change the way your gear looks at any time in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

How to defeat Changui in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Changui Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Battle
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The Changui is a beast in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty that stalks around the neighbourhood tarnished by enemy forces. It's at the end of a secondary path in the introductory area, where you turn left instead of going up a hill. You may want to save at a nearby checkpoint before attempting to defeat this monster.

Once you find the Changui, you'll likely be terrified by how fast this feline beast moves. Keep your cool, however, and watch out for the timing of its attacks. You can counter each and every attack. To do that, move forwards and press the Circle button (B on Xbox).

If you don't think you can counter an attack in time, the best option is to block with the left shoulder button. You'll still take damage, but it will be a lower amount.

A cheeky method of taking out the Changui is forcing it to go into the flames. If it stands in the inflamed area for too long, it will begin to lose HP. Try to keep the battle within this vicinity to take full advantage of the fire damage.

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How to finish off the beast

Changui Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Tactics
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When the Changui's performing a Wolverine-like barrage of claw attacks, it's best to dodge out of the way. Countering each strike is tough to do and requires a lot of skill. However, when you do see it turn red, this is your chance to deal a lot of damage. Try to counter the powerful attack it is about to unleash on you.

If its Spirit Gauge is low, countering a red attack will cause it to fall down. Now, it's defenceless. At this moment, you can use a Fatal Strike by pressing the Triangle button (Y on Xbox). Your character will then leap in the air and perform a finishing blow to the Changui in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. 

Behind where the Changui stood, you'll find an abandoned house. Go to the back and you'll see a wooden shack. Jump on top of the diagonal roof and jump onto the top of the house. You'll find a hole that you can drop into. Inside, there's a chest. Open it to reveal some vital equipment that will help you with your battle against Zhang Liang later on. The Lieutenant-General Grieves we received has 54 Defense and 6% Physical Resistance. 

If you struggled to beat the Changui in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you're in for a world of hurt in this game as this is just a small appetizer for what is to come. Unfortunately, the game isn't crossplay so you can't invite your friends into the chaos.

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