How to get the Katana in Sons Of The Forest

How to get the Katana in Sons Of The Forest
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The Katana is arguably the best melee weapon in Sons Of The Forest, as this curved sword dismembers cannibals with ease and makes surviving in the gruelling habitat of the game far easier.

So, here's a step-by-step guide on where to find and how to get the Katana in the open-world survival horror game from Endnight Games.

How to get the Katana

Where you find the Katana in Sons Of The Forest
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Even if you know where the Katana is in Sons Of The Forest, there's a lot of stuff you need to do and things you must get first before you can grab it. To access the cave where the Katana lies, you need to dig up the Maintenance Keycard from Maintenance Bunker A with the Shovel. And to get the Shovel, you need the Rope Gun and the Rebreather.

That's not all, either! After securing the Maintenance Keycard, you must use it to enter the Recreational Bunker and get the Guest Keycard. Only then will you be able to enter the facilities that contain the Katana.

Where to find the Katana

The location of the Residential Bunker that contains the Katana in Sons Of The Forest
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Once you have the Guest Keycard, set off for the Residential Bunker. You'll find the entrance to the cave leading to the Residential Bunker in the southeast corner of the map, just to the right of the island's largest lake. Proceed inside and use the Guest Keycard to bypass the security doors to the bunker. 

Now, trudge down the stairs until you get to the yellow door. If this is your first time here, you'll get a cutscene. Regardless, you won't be able to exit through the same door once you enter it, so make sure you're stocked on supplies!

Inside, you'll be bombarded by hordes of cannibals and mutants. Trek forward through the corridors, but feel free to stop and investigate the guest rooms, as they contain various goodies aside from the Katana. The Residential Bunker is where you can find the Golden Armour, Gold Mask, a Pistol, Pistol Rail, Shotgun Rail, and lots of collectables that'll further detail the lore and story of Sons Of The Forest.

At the end of Level 1, you'll come to another stairwell. Descend to Level 2, where you'll find more guest rooms filled with valuable items - and enemies. It's in the second open guest room on the right, the one with a broken glass table in front of it, where you'll finally discover the Katana perched on display. Interact with it, and it's yours to keep!

How to use the Katana

Wielding the Katana in Sons Of The Forest
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The Katana is probably the best offensive melee weapon in Sons Of The Forest, able to chop cannibals to pieces with its lightning-fast speed and top-tier damage. The Katana isn't as capable of blocking attacks as the Modern Axe, but if you spam swings of this deadly blade, you'll hardly ever need to block anything.

While the Katana is poor at blocking, you can parry attacks with a well-time block and avoid taking damage entirely. Alternatively, you can dodge and strafe aggressive enemies to counteract the sole weakness of the Katana.

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That's how you get the Katana in Sons Of The Forest! The Katana is definitely something to strive for, but you won't be able to get it until late in your playthrough due to all the prerequisites. But once you get your hands on the Guest Keycard, you can use it to enter the Residential Bunker and snag the Katana.

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