How to get the pistol & all pistol attachments in Sons of The Forest

How to get the pistol & all pistol attachments in Sons of The Forest
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While there is a multitude of weapons you can craft in Sons of the Forest to improve your survival odds, the pistol takes this up a notch. There is only one pistol in the game currently, and as such it's worth picking up as it's super useful in high-pressure situations.

Where to find the pistol

The pistol will be marked on your map with a GPS tracker - this will look like an exclamation mark in a purple circle.

Sons of the Forest pistol location
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The location is within a red dinghy off the coast, marked on the map above.

You'll have to swim to the dinghy to pick up the pistol, where you'll also notice some other food items scattered nearby. Be careful of patrolling sharks in the area, it may be wise to create a Tarp tent before swimming so you can save your game.

Once you have the pistol, swim back to shore.

How to get pistol ammo in Sons of the Forest

Unlike many survival crafting games, you cannot craft ammo in Sons of the Forest. This means the only way of supplying your new pistol is by scavenging for bullets across the island.

Sons of the Forest ammo
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You'll find bullets in boxes around various landmarks, in supply crates, at abandoned camps, and around dead bodies in cave systems. You may receive them at the beginning of the game in the various supply crates that crash land on the island with you.

If you have successfully recruited Virginia as a companion, you can give the pistol to her. She has unlimited ammo when using the pistol making her a useful ally in combat. However, she takes some time to improve her bravery in combat situations and does not follow commands like Kelvin. Instead, she will wander around your base and offer you gifts from time to time.

How to get all pistol attachments

Whilst the pistol on its own is a massive step up from rudimentary spears, you can improve the weapon further with attachments. These pistol attachments won't be easy to grab, however, as they are scattered across the island within the various cave systems. For each pistol attachment location, read here.

Pistol Rail Attachment

Pistol Rail attachment in Sons of the Forest
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This attachment is the easiest to grab as it's located on the same coastline as the pistol. From the beachfront, work your way over to the spot indicated on the map above, this will lead to a group of rocks and another dead crewmate with the attachment on him.

Pistol Flashlight Attachment

Sons of the Forest Flashlight location
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This attachment is found within the cave containing the Shovel. You'll need both the Rebreather and Rope Gun to get the attachment.

The map is marked above with the location. Progress through the cave and once you get into a central cavern area with a dead worker in the centre, climb over the stalagmites to the left of the body. This will lead to a pool which you'll need to dive into.

Swim through the underwater passageways and turn right at the intersection. This will lead to another central cavern with a fingers monster and several dead bodies of which, the attachment is on one.

Pistol Laser Attachment

Pistol Laser attachment in Sons of the Forest
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The laser attachment will require you to have the shovel. Head to the map marker above, it will be one of the few points of interest on the map marked by a glowing green orb.

Once you get there, dig in the spot to uncover a bunker. Now, drop down into the bunker and follow the corridor to the end. Once there, turn right into the printer room. The laser sight attachment will be on a table in this room.

Pistol Suppressor Attachment

Suppresor location in Sons of the Forest
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This attachment, indicated on the map above, is within another bunker meaning you'll need the Shovel to access it.

Once you've travelled to the point above, dig in the spot within the abandoned camp. Access the bunker, walk through the hallway, and turn right into the first room with the printer. The attachment will be on the table next to the printer.

That's all you need to know about finding the pistol. If you're looking for more guides, then check out our Sons of the Forest homepage where we have already covered all of the caves, how to find GPS Locators, Keycards and how well the game runs on Steam Deck.

Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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