How to get the Pickaxe in Sons of the Forest

How to get the Pickaxe in Sons of the Forest
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23rd Feb 2024 16:28

One of the more recent discoveries in Sons of the Forest is the Pickaxe. This classic tool can be used to fend off cannibals and mutants, but its main function is to mine the mysterious ore that's commonplace in caverns.

So, let's go over step-by-step instructions on how to get the Pickaxe in the open-world survival horror simulator from Endnight Games.

How to get the Pickaxe

The Pickaxe is inside the Solafite Cave, also known as Cave F. The entrance to this cavern is situated in the north-east part of the island. You'll find it next to a tiny pond east of the Plane Crash Site.

Where you can find the Pickaxe in Sons of the Forest
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Enter the cave and continue forward, following the flow of water. The stream leads to a deep pool, but if you equip your Rebreather, you can dive in and follow the lengthy channel all the way through to a new part of the Solafite Cave.

As you explore this new section of the cave, you'll come to an intersection where you must go left or right. If you go left through the narrow passageway, you'll discover the blueprint for the Solafite Upgrader and a piece of the strange Artefact. However, if you're after the Pickaxe, take a right and slide down the slope into another body of water.

Now, descend into the pool using the Rebreather and swim until you get to another crossroads. Go right, and you'll be in another new area. Climb out of the water, follow the path through the shattered wooden fence and past some Solafite Ore, and prepare for another dip.

When you emerge from underwater for the third time, you'll encounter three deceased construction workers hanging from the ceiling. Go left from here, and you'll stumble upon the Pickaxe.

Wielding the Pickaxe in Sons of the Forest
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How to use the Pickaxe

The Pickaxe isn't really designed to be an effective weapon in Sons of the Forest. Its primary purpose is to serve as a tool to mine Solafite. This is the gold-coloured ore prevalent on the walls of caverns in the game.

If you insert Solafite into a Solafite Upgrader, you can power up just about any weapon in Sons of the Forest, from the Modern Axe to the Rifle. Weapons enhanced with Solafite turn to gold and deal a hefty helping of bonus damage.

Note that using a Solafite Upgrader will attract hordes of cannibals and mutants, so prepare for a battle anytime you activate it!

That's everything you need to know to get the Pickaxe in Sons of the Forest. It's not the best weapon, but if you want to gild your favourite weapons and increase their potency, you'll need the Pickaxe to collect Solafite!

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