How to find all the Hang Gliders in Sons of the Forest

How to find all the Hang Gliders in Sons of the Forest
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The Hang Glider is a new traversal item in Sons of the Forest that allows players to safely travel from heights without injury.

In a similar way to the Sled, the Hang Glider can vastly speed up travel down the snowy mountains. To find out where you can get this useful item in the game, read on.

Where are all the Hang Gliders in Sons of the Forest?

All Hang Glider locations in Sons of the Forest
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There are several Hang Gliders in Sons of the Forest, usually scattered around abandoned camps. Check the map above, provided by MapGenie, for all the Hang Glider locations.

The Hang Gliders are usually perched near abandoned tents and could be mistaken for tents themselves if not for the wire sticking out of them. They will glow white as you approach them to signal that they can be carried.

They cannot be added to your inventory, which means the player will drop them once used similar to the Knight V vehicle.

How to use a Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest

Searching for a hang glider in Sons of the Forest
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Once you've equipped the Hang Glider, jump from a high edge and then jump again to trigger it. If you stumble and fall before this, the player will drop the Hang Glider.

This is a great option for traversal if you have a base located within the mountains, as it is less likely to get caught in the environment and stop the animation.

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That's all you need to know about finding Hang Gliders. If you're looking for more guides, then check out our Sons of the Forest homepage where we have already covered all of the caves, how to find GPS Locators, Keycards and how well the game runs on Steam Deck

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