How to find & use feathers in Sons of the Forest

How to find & use feathers in Sons of the Forest
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21st Feb 2024 12:40

In Sons of the Forest, resource management is key, especially when it comes to crafting tools and materials to aid your survival. One of the most essential materials you’ll need for making tools are feathers, but getting your hands on them can be an annoying task.

So, we’ll be showing you where to find feathers in the game and what they can be used for.

Where can you find feathers in Sons of the Forest?

Getting feathers in Sons of the Forest just requires you to kill birds from around the island and loot their corpses. They’re simple enough to kill with a couple of hits from your axe and can be found in abundance around the island.

Image of a seagull from Sons of the Forest flying away from the player
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If you’re looking to bag a pocket full of feathers early on, stick with the beach areas. There are plenty of seagulls loitering about, just waiting to be plucked (or in this case killed) for their feathers.

If you’re not near the beach, there are still plenty of other birds inland. But the beaches are a guaranteed place to find a flock.

How to use feathers in Sons of the Forest

Feathers can be used to craft arrows in Sons of the Forest; the more feathers you have, the more arrows you can craft (along with a few sticks and stones as well).

So, when you’re being attacked by an enemy and use an arrow to beat it, don’t feel too guilty about that bird you had to kill to get the feathers. It came in clutch and didn’t die in vain.

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