How to craft a Scarecrow in Sons of the Forest

How to craft a Scarecrow in Sons of the Forest

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Jack Roberts


25th Apr 2023 13:59

In Sons of the Forest, the long-awaited sequel to the 2018 survival horror game, The Forest, players will have to make the most of their environment to ensure they can survive even one night. In a forest full of mutant cannibals, every resource counts… even scarecrows.

Here, we will be breaking down how to craft a Scarecrow in Sons of the Forest and what it will do for players.

How do you Craft a Scarecrow in Sons of the Forest?

During their time in the forest, players will have to put all their tools to the test to make the best out of their perilous situation. From salvaging weapons to crafting transportation, players have a whole host of items to help ensure their survival.

One of these items is the Scarecrow. To get started with their crafting, players will need to check their guide. Under the utility tab, players can find the recipe.

To craft the Scarecrow, players will need:

  • 4 pieces of Duct Tape
  • 14 sticks

While sticks can be found littered all over the forest floor and grabbed from chopping down trees, duct tape will have to be salvaged from various crates around the map.

Once players have gathered all their materials, they simply need to combine them to make the perfect Scarecrow.

What does the Scarecrow do in Sons of the Forest?

A cannibal enemy from Sons of the Forest runs toward the player with a weapon raised in their right hand
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The humble Scarecrow may not look like much beyond a few twigs cobbled together, but it can be incredibly useful. The main function of the scarecrow is to act as a decoy of sorts.

When placed down, it will attract enemies and they will attack it instead of you. This will give you plenty of time to assess your situation. If you need to heal, fight, or flee, the Scarecrow is there to lend you a hand and buy you some precious time.

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