How to get the Rifle in Sons of the Forest

How to get the Rifle in Sons of the Forest
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If you want to snipe enemies from afar in Sons of the Forest, you're going to need the Rifle. This long-range weapon wasn't available in Sons of the Forest when it was initially released, but it got added later in Patch 07. So, keep reading to learn how to add one of the game's newest weapons, the Rifle, to your arsenal.

How to get the Rifle

Finding the Rifle in Sons Of The Forest
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If you're a sharpshooter at heart and really want to try out the Rifle, there isn't a whole lot you need to do or get before you can set out to acquire it. You'll definitely need a Rebreather and enough firepower to fight off dense numbers of cannibals and mutants, but aside from that, there are no further prerequisites.

Where to find the Rifle

The cave where you'll find the Rifle in Sons Of The Forest
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The Rifle is inside Cave D, also known as the Lake Cave. This cave is situated on the water's edge of the large lake in the southeast corner of the island.

Upon entering the Lake Cave, you'll find it's rather spacious and filled with aggressive enemies. However, if you stick to the wall on the right-hand side of the cave, you won't get lost.

Keep shuffling along until you get to a pool of water; this is where the Rebreather comes into play. Now, dive into the submerged cavern, and after a bit of a swim, you'll get to a new section of the Lake Cave. This area is roomy, too, but if you follow the same strategy of hugging the wall on the right, you'll get to where you need to go without any issues.

Eventually, you'll come across a couple of deceased mercenaries hanging from the ceiling. While their deaths are unfortunate, one is still gripping the Rifle. This particular mercenary won't be needing it anymore, so feel free to pry it off his corpse, along with the box of ammo on the floor.

How to use the Rifle

Using the Rifle in Sons Of The Forest
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The Rifle in Sons of the Forest is of the bolt-action variety, so while it's extremely powerful, it's slow to reload and has a max capacity of only four bullets. Additionally, ammo for the Rifle is rare, so you must make every shot count. Furthermore, the Rifle features a red-dot sight as an optic, but you can't equip any other attachments like you can on the Pistol or Shotgun.

Despite the drawbacks, there's nothing more satisfying than landing a long-distance headshot on a cannibal with the Rifle. It's not the most practical weapon in Sons of the Forest, but it's certainly worth collecting!

If you continue to explore the Lake Cave, you'll find it connects to the same cave that contains the Katana, the Golden Armour, and other goodies! For more Sons of the Forest tips and tricks, check out our Sons of the Forest homepage at GGRecon!

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