How To Get The Rope Gun In Sons Of The Forest

How To Get The Rope Gun In Sons Of The Forest
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28th Feb 2023 15:31

During your playthrough of Sons of The Forest, you may have noticed ziplines dotted around the map and blocking your progress through certain caves. This is because you need the Rope Gun in Sons of The Forest to get across ziplines. Read here for a full rundown of where to get the Rope Gun in Sons of The Forest.

Where Is The Rope Gun In Sons Of The Forest?

Sons of The Forest, rope gun location
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The Rope Gun is at the end of a cave system in Sons of The Forest. This is one of the more difficult caves in the game and will require some preparation before you head into it. The cave is located east of the mountain spawn point, indicated on the map above.

To zoom out of your GPS and see more of the map, you can press the middle mouse button several times to shift your view.

Once you get to the cave location, it’s a good idea to create a makeshift tent from a piece of Tarp and a Stick. This will enable you to save the game before you proceed into the cave. After saving, use an Axe to break the Stick and retrieve the Tarp. You can now repeat the process within the cave and create your own save system.

Along with the Tarp and a set of Sticks, it is worthwhile having the following items in your inventory before you start:

  • Flashlight - the cave is extremely dark, and this will help you navigate to the correct passages to get to the Rope Gun. Using a flashlight instead of torches frees up your right hand for a weapon. This means you will have a light source and a weapon always equipped as you explore the cavern.
  • Stun Baton – this will help you get past the enemies. Ranged weapons like grenades or Molotovs are a bonus.
  • Meds – these recover your health if you take damage.
  • Creepy Armour – when defeating enemies, it's possible to cut flesh from them and equip it as armour in your inventory. The more pieces you collect the more resistant you'll be to damage.

Sons of The Forest, Flashlight location
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There is a Flashlight near the mountain spawn point, east of the snowy mountains. It will be marked on your map with a GPS Locator (purple exclamation mark). Follow the map marker above and you'll approach a boulder in which there are food items scattered and a rope. Cut the rope a body is hanging from, and it will drop down below. Approach the body and the Flashlight will be there, ready to be picked.

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How To Get The Rope Gun In Sons Of The Forest?

Sons of The Forest, Rope Gun
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Once you have cleared the wooden barricade at the entrance, you'll need to follow these steps to get to the Rope Gun:

  • Collect the items on the bodies near the entryway.
  • Advance through the cave and climb down to the central cavern area. Beware of the enemies here, many will spawn in the area.
  • Defeat the enemies and collect the Creepy Armour from them. Equip the armour from the inventory screen. Collect the cross and other items near the light source in the far corner of the cavern.
  • Now, stick to the left side of the cave, the left passageway is where you'll need to go.
  • At the end of this passage, there will be two construction worker bodies, one of which will have two Time Bombs placed near him.
  • Pick these up and aim one of them at the large mutant creature on the wall to the left of him.

Sons of The Forest, Time Bomb
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  • Destroy the creature with the bomb, revealing a cavern entrance behind it.
  • Advance through the passageway and the main path of the cave.
  • Beyond will be a path littered with monsters including a fingers monster and a conjoined twin monster.
  • You can either defeat these or run past them straight forwards through the cave.
  • Continue up the pathway using the lights left behind by the construction workers as a guide.
  • Go past three more enemies and a fingers monster, past a group of skeletons hanging from the ceiling and more worker bodies.
  • The path will start to angle upward so continue up it.

Sons of The Forest, Ore Vein
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  • You'll reach a fork, recognisable for the large ore vein at its centre.
  • Left is the path to the Rope Gun, right leads to a document page and more items.
  • The right-side pathway is a good place to put up a tarp and save your game before proceeding.
  • Once going left at the fork, proceed past a group of mutant babies.

Sons of The Forest, Cave crawl space
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  • There is a crawl space here, proceed through it after defeating the babies, a good way to dispatch them all at once is with a Molotov Cocktail.
  • There will be a fingers monster beyond the crawl space so be careful.
  • Turn left for items, then proceed forwards.
  • Continue through a partially submerged cavern pathway, crouch to get across and be careful of more mutant babies.
  • Once out of the water section, continue up the patch using the lanterns to guide you.

Sons of The Forest, Rope Gun Location
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  • You'll now see the Rope Gun next to a case on the ledge of the cave.
  • Pick up the gun and equip it through the inventory screen (press the I Key)
  • Aim the gun at the zipline to the left and press E to move across it.
  • Now continue through the path to the exit.

Now you should be all set with your Rope Gun to explore more advanced caverns, including the cave containing the Shovel.

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