All Keycard locations in Sons of the Forest

All Keycard locations in Sons of the Forest
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3rd Mar 2023 16:12

There are currently three keycards in Sons of the Forest which give you access to secret rooms in the various bunkers on the island. If you want to reach the endgame of Sons of the Forest and discover more of the main plot, you'll need the keycards first. Stick with us as we go through all keycard locations in Sons of the Forest and major items of interest near them.

Some keycards are in bunkers and are locked behind restricted access, meaning you'll need to collect other keycards first. For that reason, we recommend collecting the keycards in the order written below. You will also need the Shovel to uncover some of these bunkers.

Sons of the Forest Maintenance Keycard location

Sons of the Forest Maintenance Keycard location
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The Maintenance Keycard is located in the Maintenance A bunker, the location of which is marked on the map above and indicated on your GPS by a glowing green circle.

Head east of the large river channel that runs from the northern beach. You'll see several golf carts and some construction poles. Look on the ground in the clearing until you see a shovel outline. This is where you must dig to uncover the bunker.

Sons of the Forest Maintenance Keycard
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Dig until it is uncovered and follow these directions when inside the bunker:

  • Collect the items from the supply crates behind the ladder.
  • Continue up the hallway.
  • Take the first right.
  • Enter the room, the keycard will be on the desk next to a 3D printer.
  • Continue through the bedroom and bathroom to pick up the Tuxedo and a book.
  • Remember to smash any laptops with a melee weapon to gather Circuit Boards.
  • You can advance to the end of the hallway to collect more materials. Be careful of the group of mutant babies.


Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard location

Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard location
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Head to the map location marked above with a glowing green circle. The bunker is northwest of the snowy mountains, near the western coastline.

You'll know you're in the right spot when you see two golf buggies outside of a cavern entrance, one of which will have a dead worker's body in it.

Head inside the cave, walk down and follow the path until you see a bunker hatch for the Food and Dining Bunker. Go inside the hatch and follow these steps to get the VIP Keycard.

Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard
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  • There will be a few food items, crossbow bolts, and a sheet of paper to collect in the first room.
  • Turn right and swipe the Maintenance Keycard to progress through the bunker.
  • Walk through the greenhouse rooms, avoiding or dealing with the mutant babies and fingers monster in the process.
  • Loot the storeroom and continue to the flooded rooms.
  • Follow the hallways until you reach an intersection leading to an open door to the left or a security door ahead.
  • Go through the left doorway and continue until you enter an office. The VIP Keycard is on the desk in the centre of the room.
  • Now you have the keycard, go back to the intersection, and open the security doors.
  • Inside is the dining hall where you can pick up a dress for Virginia on one of the couches in the right corner.
  • You can exit via an underwater cave if you have the Rebreather, otherwise, you will have to backtrack to exit the bunker.
  • To get to the save, simply jump out of the broken windows in the dining area and follow the path around.
  • The cave will lead to an underground passageway filled with enemies.
  • You can run past these and exit the cave via an exit at the end.


Sons of the Forest Guest Keycard location

Sons of the Forest Guest Keycard location
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The Guest Keycard is located south of the other two, near the western beachfront indicated on the map above. Like the other bunkers, it will show on your GPS as a glowing green orb.

As you advance toward the bunker entrance, you will notice another gold cart and the cave entrance. Advance through the cave and it will directly lead to the bunker.

Sons of the Forest Guest Keycard
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Follow these steps to get the Guest Keycard:

  • Head straight on into the open doorway to access the 3D printer and to loot the Printer Ink, Crossbow Bolts and other items.
  • Exit the room and head towards the light in the left passageway.
  • This will lead to a well-light corridor and a set of security doors.
  • Access the security doors by swiping your Maintenance Keycard.
  • The door will lead to the gym area where there are lots of cloth and energy drinks to pick up.
  • Walk through the gym and defeat the enemies here.
  • Pick up the Tracksuit on the workbench in the weight area before you reach the reception desk.
  • Turn right at the reception desk to collect the Pyjamas from some shelving next to the pods there.
  • Continue forward to the lounge area and climb the stairs to the upper pool area.
  • Walk through the bar area and another lounge area. The Guest Keycard is located on one of the tables surrounded by dead bodies.
  • Return to the bar and use the VIP Keycard to access the security door beyond the bar.
  • Loot the storage room and pick up the document.
  • Exit the bunker.


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