All Sons of the Forest caves in order

All Sons of the Forest caves in order
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Sons of the Forest features a large open island that can be explored freely, often leading to players entering the wrong locations early and being forced to backtrack out as they don't have the right equipment.

There are tonnes of places to explore in the game's cannibal-infested island as you gather resources, weapons, or key items for Sons of the Forest's story - and if you're not sure which order is best to approach the many caves in, we've got all you need to know.

SPOILER WARNING: This article has slight story spoilers for the main story, so proceed at your own caution.

How many caves are there in Sons of the Forest?

There are 10 major caves that you need to explore during your playthrough, as they contain key items that will help you progress through the main story. 

In addition to this, there are a multitude of other side locations and optional areas with even more to find, however, these aren't part of the story progression. 

A cave entrance in Sons of The Forest
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All caves listed in order

If you want to know the locations that are key to progressing the story, along with how these need to be accessed, you'll want to follow the order in the following list: 

  1. Rebreather Cave
  2. Rope Gun Cave
  3. Shovel Cave
  4. Maintenance Bunker A 
  5. Food and Dining Bunker
  6. Maintenance Bunker B
  7. Guest Keycard Bunker
  8. Maintenance Bunker C
  9. Resident Bunker
  10. Puffton Bunker

The image shown below also indicates where each location is on the map, and by following it closely, you'll ensure that you gather the necessary items to progress, such as the Rebreather, Rope Gun, and the various Keycards needed to access the bunkers in the latter half of Sons of the Forest. 

Image showing Sons of The Forest caves in the map with their order
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It's also worth noting that Puffton Bunker is the final area of the game, so make sure you have done everything you want before visiting this location and heading deep inside. 

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Now that you're ready to descend into the caves in order, check out our homepage for Sons of the Forest, where you'll find guides for all of the item ID codes, the debug commands, or how to get the Rifle.

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