How to fast travel in Palworld

How to fast travel in Palworld
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22nd Jan 2024 14:59

When exploring an open world like the one featured in Palworld, you're going to want to know how to fast travel to help you speed up the exploration process.

Palworld is set in the Palpagos Islands, a series of islands each with its own unique terrain and Pals. Whether it's the frosty mountains of Ice Wind Island or the beachy shores of the Sea Breeze Archipelago, being able to fast travel between them all will save you plenty of time.

How to fast travel in Palworld

Before you can fast travel in Palworld, you'll need to activate Great Eagle Statues. These glowing orange statues will appear on the navigator at the top of the screen when you're exploring the Palpagos Islands, so you can track them down fairly easily.

Great Eagle Statue in Palworld
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Once you've activated a Great Eagle Statue, its light will turn blue, and that means you can now fast travel to this location. Unfortunately, you can't fast travel by simply opening the map - you must visit a Great Eagle Statue to fast travel to another statue.

Alongside these Great Eagle Statues, you can also fast travel to and from the Palbox at your base. This works in the same way as the statues, so be careful not to venture too far away from a fast travel point if you're heading out on a dangerous mission!

Using a Palbox to fast travel in Palworld
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Unlocking more fast travel locations quickly

While you can only fast travel to your Palbox or Great Eagle Statues that you've interacted with, there is a trick that can help you quickly discover more of these statues around the map: Simply open the menu, scroll across to the Options tab, and choose the 'respawn' option.

When you do this, your character will essentially 'die' but you'll be given the option to respawn at one of several locations - not just the ones you've already discovered. Choose one and look around for the nearest Great Eagle Statue. Once activated, you'll be able to fast travel all around the map!

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Be careful when using this method, as you might lose some items or even Pals depending on the difficulty mode you're playing on. You can deactivate this in the World Settings menu before loading into a game by setting the 'Death Penalty' option to 'no drops'.

That's everything you need to know about fast travelling! Make sure you visit our Palworld homepage for more guides like the best early Pals to catch, how to play co-op, and a list of all Pals in the Paldeck

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