Midnight Suns Best Captain Marvel Deck

Midnight Suns Best Captain Marvel Deck
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12th Dec 2022 14:10

You'll want to know the Midnight Suns best Captain Marvel deck so you can make the most of the cosmic avenger and her powerful cards that combine both tank and damage roles. Each hero in Midnight Suns has a unique deck of cards which you can customise as you collect more throughout the game, allowing you to specialise each character to your liking. So, if you want to know what cards you equip for Carol Danvers, check out our Midnight Suns best Captain Marvel deck below. 

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Midnight Suns Best Captain Marvel Deck

Midnight Suns Best Captain Marvel Deck
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The key to utilising Captain Marvel effectively is triggering her passive ability, Go Binary. This is a free card that you can use after filling the Binary metre by playing Captain Marvel cards, and it gives you block equal to 50% of your HP, and doubles all your offensive output. It's the cornerstone of the character, and every time you take Captain Marvel into battle, be aware of when Go Binary can be helpful to you. It's worth noting that if you take too much damage and lose your block, Binary will end. 

Here's our recommended Captain Marvel deck: 

  • Quick Jab+
  • Quick Jab+
  • Cosmic Ray+
  • Knee Strike+
  • Regroup+
  • One Step Ahead+
  • Photon Beam+
  • Supernova+

The attack cards that are part of this deck, give you a solid damage output with some extras thrown in. Quick Jab+ lets you deal with the minion enemies without sacrificing a card play, Cosmic Ray+ plays into the tank role well by dealing extra damage to enemies targeting you, and Knee Strike+ is fantastic for building up extra block for tanking damage or keeping you in Binary for longer. 

Regroup+ is a basic skill card, but it gives you block equal to a portion of your HP, making it a great choice for topping up block in Binary, or when you need to prep for a wave of attacks. One Step Ahead+ is another basic skill card, letting you draw Captain Marvel cards until you have three in your hand. This is useful for making the plays you need to trigger Binary, or just need a top-up for your hand. 

Finally, we have the heroic cards, and while Captain Marvel has to use a lot of heroism to make the most out of them, they are some of the strongest cards in the game. Photon Beam+ allows you to damage all enemies in a straight line, which reaches across the arena. You can frequently clear entire groups of enemies while also targeting objectives or bosses with this card, making it too valuable to leave out.

Lastly, there's the Legendary card Supernova+. This is an AoE ability where you deal huge damage to enemies surrounding Carol, and with a cost of two heroism, it's rather cheap for a Legendary. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Midnight Suns best Captain Marvel deck, and now you know which cards to combine with the cosmic avenger to great effect. 

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