Midnight Suns Character Tier List

Midnight Suns Character Tier List
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2nd Dec 2022 17:30

Our Midnight Suns character tier list covers all 13 playable superheroes in the game, ranking them from the very best to the very worst, so you know which heroes are worth using more than others. Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG that pits various heroes against an omega-level threat called Lilith, a demon sorceress who gained power from the Elder God Chthon. You'll spend a large portion of the experience doing battle, meaning it's worth knowing who the best heroes in a fight are. So, check out our Midnight Suns character tier list. 

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Midnight Suns Character Tier List

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There are a total of thirteen playable heroes in Midnight Suns, though this does include the protagonist, Hunter, who we won't be ranking here. Each of the heroes has their own specialisations and playstyles that keep them unique for the most part, though there is some crossover between roles. However, not all of them are made equal, and some heroes just outperform the others, so here's our Midnight Suns character tier list from S tier to D tier. 

S Tier

Midnight Suns Character Tier List s
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  • Spider-Man
  • Wolverine
  • Magik

Starting with Spider-Man, not only is he one of the best heroes in the game, he's one of the most fun. His playstyle revolves around distributing damage toward multiple enemies, with moves that can chain attacks for several KOs in a single turn, and a Legendary card that lets him perform three free card plays. He also excels at performing environmental attacks due to his passive which can refund the heroism cost, and the Opportunism card which lets him deal extra damage for two free environment attacks. 

Wolverine is a hero you pick up a little later in chapter one, but even from his first appearance, it's obvious how powerful he can be. He's simultaneously one of the best tank and distributed damage characters in the game, owing to his multiple lifesteal options, the ability to self-revive, and his various chain attacks. Wolverine is a character who will always be able to stay in the fight, and sometimes you need that consistency. 

Magik is one of the least recognisable heroes in Midnight Suns, but after playing with her kit in combat, she's sure to become a favourite. Magik excels at manoeuvring enemies and setting up other heroes to do big damage. Her Limbo Portals are free cards that let you position an enemy anywhere in the field, and Gather is a heroic ability where she drags all enemies in a radius to a central spot. Magik is basically a dream utility character, and paired with big damage heroes she's unstoppable. 

A Tier

Midnight Suns Character Tier List a
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  • Blade
  • Captain Marvel
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Doctor Strange

Blade is a top-class killer, and very few characters have the damage potential that he brings to every mission. He's one of the least versatile heroes in Midnight Suns, but he's so good at his one strength that it doesn't really matter. His passive lets him apply bleed to enemies after making attacks, meaning they'll continue to take high damage, and cards like Reaper let him detonate bleed stacks to deal huge single-target damage, making him vital for boss fights. With cards like The Hunger, he can heal too, which is a cherry on top of Blade's bloody sundae. 

Captain Marvel, like Wolverine, is a tank character, and while she lacks his sustain, her Go Binary passive is enough to put her in A tier. Go Binary is a free card that Captain Marvel can play after using three cards, giving her a huge amount of block and double damage. With her AoE damage abilities like Photon Beam she can potentially kill several enemies in a single turn, and her taunting potential lets her take the heat off others without risking her own skin. 

Scarlet Witch is a late-game damage dealer who has some of the most powerful AoE attacks in the game. While she can suffer from being forced to use moves to get into the position to actually use her kit, she has a strong mix of AoE utility and damage that can be devastating for enemies. She may also have the most powerful card combo in the game with Unleashed and Detonate, which lets her double the damage and radius of an explosive, on top of the 40% radius increase from Unleashed, which is usually enough to cover the whole battlefield. 

Doctor Strange is the go-to support character, and his kit is full of unique cards that offer the type of plays no one else can replicate. Concealing a character so they can't be targeted, giving all heroes resist so they can avoid damage, adding extra damage to hero and attack cards, and even giving you an extra card play, Strange can do it all. There are many situations where he can turn the tide of a mission completely, making him an easy pick for A tier. 

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B Tier

Midnight Suns Character Tier List b
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  • Iron Man
  • Ghost Rider

Iron Man is a jack of all trades, and while that comes in handy with his wide variety of utility and damage cards, it can mean other heroes perform his various roles that bit better. With that said though, Iron Man is still a strong pick for numerous reasons. Firstly, his passive gives you extra redraws, which is super useful for buffing cards or keeping your hand fresh. Secondly, he has Air Superiority, one of the best heroic cards in the game that lets him target every single enemy at once with high damage. Lastly, his utility cards like Mark Target and New Plan are fantastic for setting up the plays you want to make. 

Ghost Rider is likely the most difficult hero to play properly, and if you aren't using the right cards or pairing him with heroes that can support him correctly, he has the potential to be the worst. However, this means he also has the potential to be S tier in the right hands due to his ability to instantly KO enemies with Hellmouth, and wipe out entire groups of enemies with Hell Ride. He has the highest skill ceiling of any hero which is why we aren't placing him higher, but don't be fooled into thinking he's just a regular damage dealer. 

C Tier

Midnight Suns Character Tier List c
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  • Captain America
  • Hulk

Captain America is another tank character, and while he's still very good at soaking up hits for your teammates and even dealing some hefty damage himself, he's just a bit worse at it than Captain Marvel and Wolverine. He has many cards that can raise his block, often giving you hundreds if you are smart, but in a game where offence is more important than defence, he falls a bit short of the mark. 

Hulk is the final character you get in Midnight Suns, and also the last of the tank heroes. He also happens to be the worst of that group. Hulk certainly has a lot of cool abilities for taunting multiple enemies, stunning multiple enemies, and regaining health, but he takes so much heroism to become useful that it's a better idea to just take someone else in his stead. He's by no means bad, and there are situations where his abilities can be devastating for enemies, but it takes so long to get him online that we can't place him higher than C tier. 

D Tier

Midnight Suns Character Tier List d
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  • Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru is the other support character, and while she has a very interesting gimmick involving randomisation, if you have bad luck she becomes useless. Most of her damage abilities cannot be targeted, some of her damage abilities have random damage values, and her buffs and debuffs have random effects that can sometimes be the opposite of what you need. As a gimmick, it's very cool to play with, and with luck on your side, she is a monster, but it's hard to place her any higher when all her cards are a complete roll of the dice. 

That's all for our Midnight Suns character tier list, and now you know what our ranking of the characters from S tier to D tier is. 

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