Midnight Suns Best Spider-Man Deck

Midnight Suns Best Spider-Man Deck
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1st Dec 2022 16:21

You may want to check out our Midnight Suns best Spider-Man deck if you want to know how to best utilise the webbed Avenger and his technical kit in combat. Midnight Suns lets you play as some of the most popular Marvel heroes, performing all manner of cool moves and abilities as them in combat encounters. So if you want to swing around the arena as Peter Parker and drop down on enemies, check out our Midnight Suns best Spider-Man deck. 

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Midnight Suns Best Spider-Man Deck

Midnight Suns Best Spider-Man Deck
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Spider-Man has two key qualities which you need to make use of to effectively play him. Firstly, he specialises at damage distribution, meaning he's not great at doing high single target damage, but he can easily knock out several minions with a single card, or finish off enemies with low health. Secondly, his passive, Bring the House Down, makes him the best character in the game for using environment attacks, as his first attack is free, and subsequent ones allow him to potentially refund the Heroism cost. 

Here's our recommended Spider-Man deck:

  • Chain Strike+
  • Chain Strike+
  • Quick Kick+
  • Special Delivery+
  • Opportunist+
  • Spider Sense+
  • THWIP!+
  • Infernal Spider+

Doubling up on Chain Strike+ is imperative for our best Spider-Man deck, as it allows him to chain to another target if he lands a KO, maxing out at four targets. You can clear an entire combat encounter if you use this move at the right time, whether it be removing all the minions at the beginning, or finishing off elites and villains with lower HP after a few rounds. It has extreme utility and should be the staple of your deck.

Combining with Spider-Man's passive ability, Opportunity+ is one of Spidey's most powerful cards in any situation. When played, Spider-Man's next two environmental attacks will be free and deal additional damage, while also giving you an extra two moves. If you haven't made an environmental attack before playing this, you'll have three free ones to make use of, allowing you to deal massive damage to high HP targets. With THWIP!+, you can also apply bind to a character and then deal an additional 50% damage, which is one of the best strategies in fights against supervillains, allowing you to deal with them in potentially one turn. 

Lastly, Spider-Man's Legendary Infernal Spider+ tops off the deck, allowing you to play Spidey's next three cards for free, while also drawing one. Free card plays are one of the best bonuses you can earn in any Midnight Suns combat encounter, and with his already powerful deck, getting to play cards for free is a huge advantage. 

Our Spider-Man deck forces you to think about your movement and what environment attacks you can make in a turn, but there are still plenty of simple cards to fall back on for distributing damage across the arena. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Midnight Suns best Spider-Man deck, and now you know what cards will turn Spidey into one of the strongest characters. 

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