Midnight Suns Best Nico Minoru Deck

Midnight Suns Best Nico Minoru Deck
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Tarran Stockton


1st Dec 2022 16:42

You may want to know what our card picks are for the Midnight Suns best Nico Minoru deck, so you can master this eclectic support character and her kit, which is full of RNG mechanics. The different Midnight Suns heroes all have archetypes that they follow, such as support, damage, tank, and more, and making the most of these roles in combat will ensure you effectively win your battles. So, check out our breakdown of the Midnight Suns best Nico Minoru deck. 

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Midnight Suns Best Nico Minoru Deck

Midnight Suns Best Nico Minoru Deck
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Nico Minoru is a support hero that plays very uniquely from the rest of the cast due to her abilities and the randomisation of her cards. She has lots of buff and debuff abilities, and also has some of the strongest damage cards in the game, but you often can't directly target anyone, instead having to rely on randomness. Sometimes this means you can KO four enemies in a turn, or do a lot of damage to just one. Embracing the risk vs reward playstyle of Nico is the best way to utilise her, but you will have to come to terms with the fact that she won't always do what you want. 

Here's our recommended Nico Minoru deck:

  • Blood for Blood+
  • Curse+
  • Curse+
  • Witchfire+
  • Blood Magic+
  • Empower+
  • Swarm+
  • Witchstorm+

Starting with her debuff cards, Curse+ is a strong card that lets you target an enemy, deal some small damage, and then randomly apply either stun, marked, vulnerable, or weak. The randomness can sometimes be annoying on this card, but all of the listed debuffs are super useful, and it does tell you which debuff you'll apply when using it. This is especially against bosses, as you can take them out for a round, or stop them from being as effective during their turns. 

Two of Nico's strongest support are Blood Magic+ and Empower+. Blood Magic+ lets you apply two blood magic, counter, fast, or strengthened to a random ally, along with drawing one of their cards. This works the same as Curse+, with it telling you which buff will be applied upon use. While the buffs here are nice, the extra card draw is also massively beneficial for keeping the momentum of a turn going. Empower+ is also very strong, letting you draw a random heroic card and also change the cost of all heroic cards to zero for the rest of the turn. This is one of those cards you should save for situations when you can make the most of out of a heroic in your hand, and it's come in handy to save the day a few times. 

Finally, we have Nico's damage cards, which are also heavily randomised. Blood for Blood+  is a great way to kill an enemy and restore HP to a random ally due to its high damage, making it a strong combination of damage and support. Witchfire+ is a pure damage card that has very high damage and the potential to KO lots of enemies. When cast, it damages a random enemy, but on KO, it will recast again, with the potential of four attacks in card play. Using this when lots of enemies are at medium to low health can easily see you wipe them out, genuinely making it one of the strongest attack cards in the game. 

Nico's heroic cards are also just as powerful. Swarm+ lets you target and damage an enemy with a randomly selected damage value (78, 156, 195, and 234 with the stats of our Nico). While rolling low damage can be disappointing for this card, the fact is costs one heroism and lets you potentially deal tonnes of damage to an enemy, makes it well worth the low cost of entry. Witchstorm+ is a little different but also has a low cost of only two heroism. With Witchstorm+, you can target an enemy, and then damage them or nearby enemies four times, making for another massively damaging card that has the potential to KO lots of enemies. 

While luck is a big factor in Nico Minoru's kit, picking the best cards goes a long way to ensuring she's always useful. Her buffs and debuffs can often give you the slight edge you need to win a battle, and her damage potential, though random, is capable of matching even characters like Blade or Wolverine when RNG is on your side. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Midnight Suns best Nico Minoru deck, and now you know have an idea of which cards unlock her full potential. 

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