Midnight Suns Best Iron Man Deck

Midnight Suns Best Iron Man Deck
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1st Dec 2022 16:35

You'll want to know our Midnight Suns best Iron Man deck if you plan on exploiting Tony Stark's powerful suit and gadgets during combat. Midnight Suns has no shortage of variation when it comes to the different heroes you can take into combat, but you'll always want one character that has the potential to clear out enemies. So, read on for a breakdown of our Midnight Suns best Iron Man deck, which covers all the cards you'll need to make the most of him. 

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Midnight Suns Best Iron Man Deck

Midnight Suns Best Iron Man Deck
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Iron Man's main strengths come from his abilities that let him target multiple enemies at once, often allowing him to clear out a whole wave or land the final set of blows during combat. He also has a very useful passive called I'll Handle This, which gives you an additional redraw after using two Iron Man cards. This is especially powerful as redraws can increase the effectiveness of Iron Man's abilities, in addition to just giving you more options. 

Here's our recommended Iron Man deck:

  • Blast+
  • Quick Blast+
  • Quick Blast+
  • Leave It to Me+
  • Mark Target+
  • New Plan+
  • Surgical Strike+
  • Air Superiority+ 

Our Iron Man deck is a bit mixed, containing three standard attack cards, three support/utility cards, and two powerful heroic cards. Starting with the attack cards, these are the bread and butter of Iron Man's arsenal, allowing him to clear out minions easily with Quick Blast+, and knockback enemies with Blast+.

The support and utility cards are what allow Iron Man to be useful team player, while also increasing the potential of his arsenal. Leave It to Me+ is your standard card for drawing more cards, but with two redraws as well, it'll give you just what you need to add more firepower. Mark Target+ is a brilliant card, especially in boss fights, as you can apply marked and vulnerable to a target and any nearby enemies, giving you a chance to refund card plays and deal double damage all in one. 

Finally, New Plan+ is what gives way to Iron Man and others using their hero cards, as it doubles you current heroism and draws a random hero card. All of these combined give Iron Man a lot to do when he isn't blasting enemies, and they are imperative for making the most of his hero cards. 

Surgical Strike+ is a cheap hero card that's also very strong, allowing you to target multiple enemies on the battlefield and deal high damage to them. For every Iron Man card you own, you gain one attack with this ability, so it's very useful for starting a turn and whittling down powerful enemies. 

The last card and central fulcrum of the Iron Man deck is Air Superiority. With this, you can damage every enemy during combat, dealing a decent amount of damage, though this damage can be doubled if you redraw the card twice. This is one of the outright most powerful cards in the game, and every encounter when you can use it will leave you better than you started. There's no better way of damaging every enemy during an encounter, and it's also a super fun way to end a battle. 

That's all for our Midnight Suns best Iron Man deck, and now you know what eight cards you can use to make Iron Man one of the strongest heroes for battle.

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