Midnight Suns Best Wolverine Deck

Midnight Suns Best Wolverine Deck
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Tarran Stockton


9th Dec 2022 17:33

Learning how to make the Midnight Suns best Wolverine deck will be extremely useful for mastering Logan's aggressive style that allows him to sustain better than any other hero while putting out massive amounts of damage. The heroes in Midnight Suns all have specific roles they fill on the battlefield, so you'll want to find efficient cards that play to their biggest strengths. So, check out the best Wolverine deck you can build in Midnight Suns to master Logan and his adamantium claws. 

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Midnight Suns Best Wolverine Deck

Midnight Suns Best Wolverine Deck
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Wolverine is best used as aggressively as possible, as this allows you to best his strengths for high damage, tanking, and sustain. Firstly, his passive ability lets him regain health after card redraw, giving you two guaranteed ways to heal in every turn. He is the only character with a self-revive, and has two further cards which either heal you outright or give you lifesteal. Lastly, many of his other cards play into the tank role with taunts and even counters. 

Here's our recommended Wolverine deck: 

  • Chain Swipes+
  • Chain Swipes+
  • Quick Swipe+
  • Rapid Healing+
  • Stink of Fear+
  • Berserk+
  • Rapid Regeneration+
  • Eviscerate+

For Wolverine's basic offence, Chain Swipes+ lets you chain three attacks together with an added taunt, and Quick Swipe+ comes with a taunt, while also making for a free card play. Both of these are key to his playstyle, but don't taunt too many enemies if you have no way to respond. 

Rapid Healing+ is a powerful self-heal that also cures Wolverine, but with the catch it can only be used when stunned, dazed, or otherwise incapacitated. Stink of Fear+ lets you taunt all enemies in a radius, while also adding counter for a turn. This is the cornerstone of your taunting plays, allowing you to kill or deal high damage to all the enemy hitting you. Lastly, for the skill cards is Berserk+, which lets you draw two Wolverine cards and add lifesteal to all his cards, which is a massive part of his sustain. 

Rapid Regeneration+ is another powerful sustain card that lets Wolverine revive himself with 50% for free. This is what allows you to get away with soaking up enemy attacks with taunts. The final card is Eviscerate+, a strong distributed damage or high single-target damage card where you can chain four attacks together while taunting enemies. Overall, Wolverine is a unique tank and damage character with an unprecedented level of sustain. 

That's all for our Midnight Suns best Wolverine deck guide, and now you know which cards make use of his strengths the best. 

We also cover how to complete the Midnight Suns Bone & Claw challenge, so you can earn the Legendary Wolverine card and combat suit. 

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