Midnight Suns Iron Will Challenge Walkthrough

Midnight Suns Iron Will Challenge Walkthrough
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1st Dec 2022 16:18

You may need a walkthrough for the Midnight Suns Iron Will challenge, as it's one of the harder special challenges for characters, requiring you to have a deep understanding of Iron Man's cards and the redraw mechanic. Each character in Midnight Suns has a Legendary card that's extremely powerful, but you have to max out your friendship with them and then complete a challenge to get it, making it difficult to collect all of them. If you are looking to get Tony Stark's Midnight Suns suit and Legendary card, check out our Midnight Suns Iron Will challenge walkthrough. 

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Midnight Suns Iron Will Challenge Walkthrough

Midnight Suns Iron Will Challenge Walkthrough
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Iron Man's Midnight Sun challenge, Iron Will, presents you with a very difficult combat puzzle to solve, which tests your creativity with a hand of cards, your prowess with Iron Man, and your understanding of the redraw mechanic. In this challenge, you are dropped in front of a crystal with lots of HP, and then given seven cards and a redraw to try and destroy it. 

There seems to be only one solution to the Iron Will challenge, so take a look at our step-buy-step guide below. 

  1. Start by playing Heads Up and selecting yourself. 
  2. Redraw one of the New Plan cards to get Leave It to Me.
  3. Use Precision so your next card play is free.
  4. Play Leave It to Me to draw two more cards. 
  5. Play Leave It to Me again, drawing an additional two cards. 
  6. Use Surgical Strike on the crystal, chain attacking it eight times. 
  7. Play Heads Up again, selecting yourself. 
  8. Use Surgical Strike again, chain attacking the crystal a further six times. 
  9. Play the three remaining Blast cards to destroy the crystal.
  10. Finally, use Hellfire Beam to destroy the Black Crystal that spawns behind you to finish the challenge. 

Now you've finished the Iron Will challenge, you will gain Iron Man's Midnight Suns suit, and his Legendary Hellfire Beam card. 

That's all for our explainer of how to beat the Midnight Suns Iron Will challenge, and now you have a full walkthrough for how to get Iron Man's powerful Legendary card. 

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