Midnight Suns Deadpool Release Date

Midnight Suns Deadpool Release Date
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Tarran Stockton


23rd Jan 2023 14:56

You may wonder about the Midnight Suns Deadpool release date, as the character was announced as the first post-launch hero to be joining the fight to take down Lilith, Mother of Demons. 

Midnight Suns is a tactical RPG that sees various Marvel heroes joining forces in turn-based tactical combat. Each hero comes with unique abilities based on their equipped deck of cards, giving you a wide variety of ways to fight it out with Hydra and the demonic forces of Chthon. 

If you still aren't finished with the game, then check out the Midnight Suns Deadpool release date. 

Midnight Suns Deadpool Release Date

According to Firaxis Games, Deadpool is set to join the ranks of the Midnight Suns on January 26, which is a few days away as of writing this, giving players the weekend to test out Wade Wilson and the latest content. 

Like all the heroes, Deadpool will have his own unique deck of cards that you will need to unlock with missions, and he'll have a Legendary card that can be obtained from completing his Midnight Sun challenge. You can also spend time with him around the Abby, improving your friendship and learning more about him as a character. 

We don't have a lot of information on how he's set to play yet, but the game director, Jake Solomon teased a bit on Twitter. Solomon stated, "he has a pretty fun mechanic that makes him insanely powerful IF you use him just right."

Solomon also spoke about the other content being released with Deadpool, such as more story missions and enemies. He elaborated on how this new content will work with existing games, stating, "DLC story missions happen any time you want. They can be undertaken irregardless of where you are in the base game story. " 

This means if you're still in the middle of the game, you can play Deadpool and undertake missions with him seamlessly. 

That's all for our explainer of the Midnight Suns Deadpool release date, and now you know when you can play the fourth wall breaking mutant. 

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