Midnight Suns Best Doctor Strange Deck

Midnight Suns Best Doctor Strange Deck
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1st Dec 2022 16:37

Make sure you take a look at our Midnight Suns best Doctor Strange deck, as the master of the mystic arts isn't a straightforward character to play. Midnight Suns gives you thirteen different heroes (and the Hunter) to play with, allowing you to cause chaos in battle as a range of powerful Marvel superheroes. Not all of them are designed for dealing damage and knocking out enemies, which is where Doctor Strange comes into play as a support character. So, check out our Midnight Suns best Doctor Strange deck. 

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Midnight Suns Best Doctor Strange Deck

Midnight Suns Best Doctor Strange Deck
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Doctor Strange is primarily a support hero, meaning the majority of his cards are designed for making other heroes more powerful, whether this means adding status effects to them, or increasing the damage of their cards. His passive, Greater Good, is also very useful as it gives Strange a chance to generate heroism every turn, making him a great character to pair with heroism-hungry heroes. Essentially, he's the ultimate support, and occasionally you will need a Doctor Strange in the fight to make everyone's lives a little easier. 

Here's our recommended Doctor Strange deck:

  • Winds of Watoomb+
  • Winds of Watoomb+
  • Agamotto's Gaze+
  • Agamotto's Gaze+
  • Astral Meditation+
  • Blessing of the Vishanti+
  • Axe of Angarruumus+
  • Shield of the Seraphim+

Only three of the cards in our Doctor Strange deck are focused around attacking, the two Winds of Watoomb+, and Axe of Angarruumus+. Winds of Watoomb+ is a standard quick, knockback card, useful for clearing some minions or setting up another hero by moving an enemy elsewhere. Axe of Angarruumus+ is a hard-hitting heroic card, allowing you to deal high damage to a single target and apply weak. If Strange's passive is triggering a lot, and you've built up some surplus heroism, this becomes even more powerful, tripling the damage at six heroism. 

Here's where we get into the support and utility side of Strange, which is what the sorcerer supreme so capable during combat encounters. Firstly, there's the Agamotto's Gaze+ cards, which lets you draw the last two attack cards that were played, increase their damage, and then start next turn with four card plays. Obviously, the latter part of this card is what makes it so powerful, as an extra card play during a turn can be hugely beneficial. This can allow you to complete an objective earlier, or it may just give you what you need to end the fight and defeat the final enemies. 

Astral Meditation+ is a situational card, but if you are making the most out of every battle by using your combat items, this is super useful to hold on to. In our Midnight Suns tips guide, we do cover how you should be using combat items in every mission due to their utility, and this Strange card makes thing a little better by restoring them for use later in the mission, or for next time. 

Blessing of Vishanti+ is a great way for buffing heroic cards, as it increases their damage. With the upgraded version this is especially potent, as these heroic cards will retain their extra damage for the rest of the mission, even if you use them and they're recycled back into the deck. For the final Doctor Strange card, we have Shield of the Seraphim+ which applies resist to all allies and cures them of any status effects. This is the premiere support card and one of the best utility abilities in the whole game, as it can basically make your team immune to damage for a whole round. On harder difficulties, and later in the game, this card is a must-have for Strange, and any deck of his would be incomplete without it. 

As long as you're using Strange to aid the other heroes in a mission, you are making the most of him, and with our deck, you'll also be singing his praises as a supreme support. 

That's all for our coverage of the Midnight Suns best Doctor Strange deck, and now you have an idea of what makes Strange the dominant support hero, and how to best use him in combat.

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