Midnight Suns Meteor Mystery Explained

Midnight Suns Meteor Mystery Explained
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Tarran Stockton


13th Dec 2022 12:01

The Midnight Suns Meteor Mystery is one of the final mysteries you will come across in the game, as it's a surprise hidden event that only seems to trigger in specific circumstances. Midnight Suns has a bunch of mysteries that can be solved around the hub world, letting you learn more about the supernatural side of Marvel and earn some goodies along the way. So, check out our explainer for triggering and solving the Midnight Suns Meteor Mystery. 

Midnight Suns Meteor Mystery Explained

Midnight Suns Meteor Mystery Explained
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The Midnight Suns Meteor Mystery seems to trigger quite late into the game, and though we don't know the exact criteria for summoning it, we do have a good idea. In all our testing, it seems to occur when performing the stargazing hangout option with a character, and getting them to a new friendship level. This will then cause a cutscene to play where a meteor comes down and lands on the Abbey grounds. 

To locate the meteor once it has landed, make your way over to Misty Moors, which is on the right when coming out into the training yard. When you go into the Misty Moors region, turn right and you will see some smoke coming from a grassy area between some trees. The meteor can be found here, and if you walk up to it and interact with it, you will finish the mystery. 

The rewards for this are more Arcane knowledge, an epic Gamma Coil, and the Legendary green skin tone, which resembles an alien. 

That's all for our explainer of how to finish the Midnight Suns Meteor Mystery so you can earn some rewards. 

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