How to find the Meteor Mystery in Midnight Suns

How to find the Meteor Mystery in Midnight Suns
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10th May 2023 11:47

You'll want to know how to solve the Midnight Suns Meteor mystery, as it requires you to meet certain criteria before it will spawn and allow you to complete the mystery.

Many of the mysteries in Midnight Suns are there from the beginning of the game, meaning once you see them, you can begin finding the clues to solve them, but the Meteor works differently, with players needing to trigger it through certain actions. So, if you want to know how to start and then complete the Midnight Suns Meteor mystery, read on.

Where is the Meteor Mystery?

an image of the Midnight Suns Abbey map showing the Meteor mystery location
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  • To locate the meteor once it lands, head out to the training yard.
  • Take a right and follow the path toward the Misty Moors area.
  • When you go into the Misty Moors region, turn right and you will see some smoke coming from a grassy area between some trees.
  • The meteor can be found here, and if you walk up to it and interact with it, you will finish the mystery. 

The rewards for solving the Midnight Suns Meteor mystery are more Arcane knowledge, an epic Gamma Coil, and the Legendary green skin tone, which resembles an alien. 

How to start the Meteor Mystery in Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns Meteor Mystery Explained
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The Midnight Suns Meteor mystery seems to trigger quite late into the game, and though we don't know the exact criteria for summoning it, we do have a good idea.

In all our testing, it seems to occur when performing the stargazing hangout option with a character and getting them to a new friendship level. This will then cause a cutscene to play where a meteor comes down and lands on the Abbey grounds. 

That's all for our explainer of how to finish the Midnight Suns Meteor Mystery so you can earn some rewards. 

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