Midnight Suns Best Ghost Rider Deck

Midnight Suns Best Ghost Rider Deck
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13th Dec 2022 12:01

Knowing how to effectively craft the Midnight Suns best Ghost Rider deck will help you get the most out of this difficult character that can actively harm your turns if not played correctly. Most of the Midnight Suns character are simple to use, but Ghost Rider has the highest skill ceiling, making it difficult to play to his strengths during combat. So, make sure you check out our Midnight Suns best Ghost Rider deck, and master La Leyenda's powerful kit. 

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Midnight Suns Best Ghost Rider Deck

Midnight Suns Best Ghost Rider Deck
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Ghost Rider is the hardest character to play effectively, but if you learn how to utilise his cards, his passive Souls Meter ability, and what heroes are best paired with him, you'll make use of his explosive skills. Getting KOs with Ghost Rider will fill your Souls Meter, granting you a copy of Drain Soul when you fill it. Your maximum health will also increase if you get the extra passive from friendship levels. 

Here's our recommended Ghost Rider deck: 

  • Lash+
  • Lash+
  • Hellmouth+
  • Hellmouth+
  • Drain Soul+
  • Drain Soul+
  • Hell Ride+
  • Penance Stare+

Lash+ is a powerful attack card that lets you perform a forceful knockback on enemies in any direction, making it a good way to clear some minions, hit an environmental hazard, or manoeuvre an enemy into a useful position. It's also very powerful with the Hellmouth+ card, which lets you create a drop in the environment where you can instantly KO enemies knocked into it. Both of these are really simple to use, but they make up the cornerstone of Ghost Rider's kit. 

Drain Soul+ is a simple heroic card that's cheap to begin with, but it both becomes more powerful and more expensive to use every time you play one. It lets you chain attacks and lifesteal for each one, allowing you to counter the HP loss from using Lash+. 

Hell Ride+ is a super strong card for clearing tonnes of enemies at once, as you can do high damage to enemies in a line. However, using it will discard your entire hand, so it's worth being very careful about when you use it, as starting a turn with it will leave you in a tricky spot with no further options.

Lastly, there is Ghost Rider's Legendary card, Penance Stare. This will consume 50% of your total HP when played, but lets you deal that back in damage (4 damage for each point of health) letting you massacre a wave of enemies. 

As long as you aren't letting your HP fall too low, and you have plenty of heroism to make use of, Ghost Rider can be very powerful in any situation.

That's all for our explainer of the Midnight Suns best Ghost Rider deck, and now you know how to build a strong deck for this unique character. 

We also have an explainer for how to complete the Midnight Suns Dark Heart challenge with Ghost Rider, so you can earn the Legendary Penance Stare card. 

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