Midnight Suns Best Blade Deck

Midnight Suns Best Blade Deck
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1st Dec 2022 16:20

You'll want to know how our picks for the Midnight Suns best Blade deck if you enjoy using the character during your battles, and want to make the most of his deadly kit. Midnight Suns lets you customise the decks of all the superheroes you can take on missions with you, and while each hero has their own defined style, you can slightly alter how it works by changing cards. So, check out our Midnight Suns best Blade deck, and learn how to make the most of the daywalker. 

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Midnight Suns Best Blade Deck

Midnight Suns Best Blade Deck
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The key to making the most of Blade, is utilising his powerful passive in tandem with his cards. His passive, Cold Blooded, is unlocked after you reach friendship level 2, and further upgraded at level 4, and gives Blade a chance to apply one bleed to an enemy after damaging them. It's one of the stronger damaging passives, and if you make good use of Blade's cards you can KO even the highest health enemies fairly quickly. 

Here's our recommended Blade deck: 

  • Quick Strike+
  • Quick Strike+
  • Reaper+
  • Strike+
  • Make 'em Bleed+
  • The Hunger+
  • Daywalker+
  • Glaive+

One of the most important cards to the playstyle of this deck is Make 'em Bleed+, as it allows Blade to draw two cards, and guarantees his next three cards apply two bleed to enemies. In combination with chain attack cards like Strike+ and Daywalker+, you can end up applying bleed to all the tougher enemies in combat. 

Another card that ties this build together is The Hunger+. This applies two marked to all enemies with bleed, and heals you for 72 HP for every enemy with bleed. If you can apply bleed to most of the enemies in an encounter and then use this, you will have zero HP worries and can quite easily refund card plays from enemies due to marked, making the encounter even quicker. 

Lastly, the Legendary Glaive+ card is a high damage AoE ability that can quickly make mince meat of groups of enemies. With the upgrade, it also deals double damage to enemies with bleed, which can be a powerful way of cutting down the HP of a supervillain in combat after applying bleed to them. 

Overall, our Blade deck is simple to play, as you can focus purely on inflicting high damage to targets and applying bleed to enemies. 

That's all for our Midnight Suns best Blade deck, and now you know which cards you should use to make a powerful, bleed-based deck for the vampire hunter. 

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