Midnight Suns Best Magik Deck

Midnight Suns Best Magik Deck
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1st Dec 2022 16:23

You'll want to know our picks in the Midnight Suns best Magik deck, so you can master this powerful mutant sorceress and her teleportation powers. Midnight Suns has a wide array of characters from across Marvel, with members of the Avengers, Runaways, X-Men, and more making up the cast of superheroes you can bring into battle. Illyana Rasputin is one of the lesser known characters in the game, but if you want to make use of her kit in combat, check out our Midnight Suns best Magik deck.

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Midnight Suns Best Magik Deck

Midnight Suns Best Magik Deck
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When using Magik, you'll want to make use of her Limbo Portal cards. This is the main thrust of her deck, and is also what her passive, Relay, is based around, as it gives you a chance to generate more Limbo Portal cards after knocking an enemy through one. Her real strength comes down to manoeuvring enemies wherever you want them, making her a good support for other damage-dealing enemies with AoE attacks. 

Here's our recommended Magik deck:

  • Kick+
  • Quick Soulslash+
  • Quick Soulslash+
  • Soul Blast+
  • Limbo's Grasp+
  • Limbo Portal+
  • Limbo Portal+
  • Gather+

As we said above, the key to unlocking Magik's potential is her Limbo Portal cards. These are free to play and let you create a portal anywhere in the combat arena, and when you play a card of Magik's that has knockback, you will automatically knock them through the portal. You can aim these portals at environmental hazards or other enemies to also damage them. 

In combination with the Limbo Portal cards we also recommend Limbo's Grasp+. This card buffs your portals, meaning any enemy knocked through them receives 88 damage, and with the upgrade, playing this card will create another portal. This makes for a total of three Limbo Portals you can play, along with any more you gain from your passive. 

The four attack cards for this deck fully supplement the Limbo Portal cards, as they all have knockbacks, meaning you have four different ways to force an enemy into a portal. The only card not geared toward this is Gather+ which is more of a general AoE damage card that also lets you pull enemies toward each other. This is obviously useful for other characters with AoE abilities, so you do have a support option in your deck when you can't make use of a portal. 

Overall, Magik has a powerful niche for moving enemies around and creating chaos with portals. You also don't need her rarer cards to really make use of her Limbo Portals, with exception to Limbo's Grasp, so from the beginning she can be a strong choice to pair with high damage characters. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Midnight Suns best Magik deck, and now you know which cards really supplement her kit. 

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