Midnight Suns Best Captain America Deck

Midnight Suns Best Captain America Deck
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1st Dec 2022 16:22

You'll want to know our picks for the Midnight Suns best Captain America deck, as it makes use of the character's various strengths to create a powerful tank damage hybrid. Midnight Suns' characters all have their specialities in combat, with some heroes focused on high target damage, tanking, or supporting others. If you're wondering where Steve Rogers fits in and how you should use him, check out our Midnight Suns best Captain America deck. 

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Midnight Suns Best Captain America Deck

Midnight Suns Best Captain America Deck
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Captain America acts as a hybrid character, who can easily tank or deal out damage, but with the right combination of cards and his upgraded passive ability, you can easily do both, making him one of the outright strongest characters in the game. His passive is called All Day, and it results in Cap starting combat with an extra 33 block, while giving him 13 block every turn. You can't really unlock the full potential of Cap until you unlock this passive and earn some of his rarer cards. 

Here's our recommended Captain America deck:

  • Brooklyn Handshake+
  • Quick Punch+
  • Shield Bash+
  • Dig In+
  • Tactician+
  • The Best Defense+
  • Shield Bounce+
  • Shield Charge+

The most important aspect of Captain America's playstyle is gaining block. In our deck, Dig In+, Tactician+, and The Best Defense+ are all cards that can help you gain tonnes of extra block during a fight. Not only does this obviously make you much tankier and harder to knock out, but it's imperative for making the most of two other cards. 

Shield Bash+ and Shield Charge+ both deal extra damage based on how much block you currently have, with Shield Bash+ using 33% of your block to damage a single enemy, and Shield Charge+ using all block to damage every enemy in a line. This puts the ceiling for Cap's damage incredibly high, and he can easily switch from being the most protected hero to the biggest damage hero over the course of a turn. Obviously, this can leave him vulnerable afterwards, so be thoughtful about when you use your cards that remove his block. 

Another important part of our Captain America deck is the card draw potential. Brooklyn Handshake+ lets you draw 2 cards after landing a KO, Tactician+ lets you draw two cards on use, and Quick Punch+ lets you draw one. This is a good way of recycling the cards that give you block, letting you gain even more over a turn. 

Finally, it's also worth noting the Shield Bound+ card which is one of the best heroic cards in the whole game, as it lets you damage and taunt all enemies in a radius, while also applying one weak. When your block is high, this is a great way to take the attention from weaker teammates, while also getting in some high damage. 

The best part of the Captain America deck is that it gets you into a consistent rhythm of gaining block, drawing more cards, and using that block for high damage, which makes it a simple deck to learn and use.

That's all for our coverage of the Midnight Suns best Captain America deck, and now you know how master the war hero and his special shield in combat.

We also have a breakdown for how to solve the Midnight Suns Guardian challenge with Cap. 

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