Midnight Suns Bare Fangs Challenge Walkthrough

Midnight Suns Bare Fangs Challenge Walkthrough
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1st Dec 2022 16:15

You may need a walkthrough for the Midnight Suns Bare Fangs challenge for Blade, as it requires you to play the exact card in the right order to solve. In Midnight Suns, when you reach the max amount of friendship with a character, you unlock their special Midnight Sun challenge. These are combat puzzles that rewards you with a Legendary combat suit and ability for that character. So if you want to master Blade's challenge, check out our Midnight Suns Bare Fangs challenge walkthrough. 

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Midnight Suns Bare Fangs Challenge Walkthrough

Midnight Suns Bare Fangs Challenge Walkthrough
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Blade's Midnight Sun challenge, Bare Fangs, isn't too difficult, but it requires you to understand how the bleed mechanic works, along with some of his most powerful cards. In this challenge mission, Blade is presented with three enemies in front of him, and four starter cards.

Like the other challenge missions, there's only one solution, so check out the full step-by-step walkthrough of how to complete it below. 

  1. Use Quick Strike+ on the enemy on the right.
  2. Follow the first move up by using the Relentless card on the same enemy to kill them and gain a card.
  3. Use Make 'em Bleed to draw a card and add bleed to your current cards.
  4. Use Daywalker on the middle enemy, which should apply 8 stacks of bleed.
  5. Use Strike, applying one attack to each enemy. 
  6. Use Quick Strike+ on the enemy on the left to kill them and gain a card.
  7. Use Reaper on the final enemy to kill them and gain the Legendary card. 
  8. Finally, use Glaive on the Black Crystal that spawns to finish the challenge. 

After finishing the challenge up, you will be rewarded with Blade's Midnight Sun combat suit, and the Legendary Glaive card. 

That's all for our walkthrough of the Midnight Suns Bare Fangs challenge, and now you know how to complete Blade's challenge mission for his exclusive combat suit and card. 

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