How to run & sprint in Lies of P

How to run & sprint in Lies of P
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19th Sep 2023 10:16

The ability to run and sprint in Lies of P is important in the game. You'll need to get out of the way of powerful attacks, and you might want to run past some pesky foes to get to the boss quickly.

Lies of P pulls heavily from other Soulslike games, such as Dark Souls and Elden Ring. However, as we explained in our review, it does enough differently to stand on its own two feet.

What hasn't changed, however, is that you'll need to know how to move quickly to get out of the way of some of the terrifying enemies it throws at you. Here's how to run and sprint in Lies of P.

Lies of P run and sprint controls

Running in Lies of P is essential.
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You can run and sprint in Lies of P by holding the circle button (or B on Xbox systems). For those who play on mouse and keyboard, it's the same input method for dodging, but you need to hold it - it's spacebar by default.

The protagonist Pinocchio might find it tough to run at some points, however. He may be stunned or run out of stamina. The green bar on the top left of the screen tells you how much stamina you have left. Keep in mind this stamina is used for weapon attacks too. Spend it wisely and don't sprint too much when around dangerous enemies.

  • The Lies of P voice cast is from all sorts of media including films, TV shows, and other games like Final Fantasy XVI

How to jump and roll in Lies of P

You can also roll in Lies of P
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To jump in Lies of P, you'll want to press the left analogue stick while sprinting. This might be useful while an area of effect (AoE) attack surfaces on the floor like a wave of electricity. No major platforming is needed, thankfully. It's not like the Kingdom Hearts series.

You can dodge in multiple ways. First, you can backstep with a simple press of the circle or B buttons. Additionally, you can sidestep by tilting the left analogue stick left or right. Surprisingly, this simple move can be extremely useful. You can go behind a foe like the Mad Donkey and get a critical strike on the boss.

Of course, you can roll forward as well. It is quite strange that you want to get closer to the enemy, however. You can guard and parry incoming attacks during battles too.

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