How to Guard & Parry in the Lies of P demo

How to Guard & Parry in the Lies of P demo
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15th Jun 2023 16:15

Combat in the Lies of P demo can be pretty intricate, especially when it comes to Guarding and Parrying attacks. Being able to defend yourself and use your enemy’s strength against them is essential if you’re going to survive the rainy streets of Krat.

Here, we’ll be breaking down how to Guard and Parry in the game, so you can defend yourself effectively and give your enemies a taste of their own medicine – so read on.

How to Guard in the Lies of P demo

To Guard in the Lies of P demo, you simply need to hold down the L1 Button on PlayStation or LB for Xbox. As you press the button, you will raise your weapon and block incoming attacks.

However, doing so can slow your movement if you keep the block button held and you will still take a little bit of damage (but still significantly less than if you left yourself open to attacks).

If you want to block all damage, you’re going to need to perfect the Parry technique.

How to Parry in the Lies of P demo

P facing off against an enemy in Lies of P
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To Parry in the Lies of P demo, timing is everything. You need to once again press the Guard button to raise your weapon just as the enemy’s attack is about to hit you.

Rather than holding the button down to block the attack, you need to press it at the precise time to completely deflect the enemy attack. This will leave them at your mercy, so be sure to make the most of the opportunity and go in for the kill.

That’s everything you need to know how to Guard and Parry in the Lies of P demo. This will come in handy with any combat encounter, from bosses like the Parade Master to your garden variety enemy.

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