How to open doors with the Terminal in Lethal Company

How to open doors with the Terminal in Lethal Company
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23rd Nov 2023 17:10

Learning how to use the Terminal in Lethal Company so you can open doors is vital, as it's an important gameplay mechanic for helping teammates to move through the various facilities you'll explore. 

The game has been an overnight hit since it launched into early access in late October, combining extraction shooter design with survival horror to make a frightening package. Teamwork is an especially important aspect of surviving the Lethal Company, so be a good ally and learn how to open doors with the Terminal.

How to open doors with the Terminal in Lethal Company

an image of the monitor map on the Terminal in Lethal Company
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Opening doors with a Terminal in Lethal Company is a relatively straightforward process, but you'll need to perform a few steps that require you to input text at the Terminal

Check out exactly what you need to do below. 

  • Locate the Terminal and press E to interact with it
  • Type the command "Other" and then press Enter to send it
  • Now type and send "View Monitor"
  • Now you can either type "Switch", followed by a teammate's username, or just type "Switch" and press Enter to cycle through everyone
  • Find the player you're looking for with the above commands
  • Look at the map on the monitor, and find the code for the door that needs opening (e.g. D5, B2)
  • Type and send the code into the Terminal to unlock the door (do the same to lock a door)
  • If you've been successful, "BROADCASTED SPECIAL CODE" will appear on the monitor

Once a door has been opened, your teammates can successfully continue on with their scavenging missions. 

I recommend having the player with the fastest typing speed at the Terminal, as if a player encounters a monster, you'll need to be fast to lock the door and protect everyone. 

That's all for our explanation of how to open doors with the Terminal in Lethal Company, and now you know the exact process. 

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