Where to find & how to power the submarine in Lethal Company

Where to find & how to power the submarine in Lethal Company
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The primary focus of Lethal Company is co-op horror, but during downtime, while you're selling your scrap to The Company, there are easter eggs to discover!

The chief easter egg puzzling the community is a secret submarine-like device stashed underneath The Company building in Lethal Company. This primer details where exactly to find and how to get to the submarine, plus how to potentially power the device and solve the easter egg in the co-op indie horror game from Zeekerss.

Where to find the submarine

Use the ship's terminal to plot a course to The Company building
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The submarine is beneath The Company building. Use the ship's terminal to set course to The Company building on 71 Gordion.

How to get to the submarine

The secret hatch leading to the submarine in Lethal Company
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To get to the submarine beneath The Company building, turn left as you exit the ship and look for a hatch between two shipping containers. Now, open the hatch and climb down the ladder to discover a secret area below The Company building.

Not only can you find a Data Chip at the end of the walkway, but the submarine-like device is situated down here, too! However, to get to it, you'll need to perform parkour.

When you descend the ladder, you'll notice a large steel beam extending out from under the walkway, just before the turn in the catwalk, where it starts to slant downward toward the water. Jump from the walkway to the steel beam, then continue straight. When you reach the end of the beam, leap left to the perpendicular beam, hop onto the next beam, and then press on until you can jump left again to the platform with the submarine positioned on it.

It's dark here, so be sure to pull the dangling switch and flip on the lights!

How to power the submarine & solve the easter egg with apparatuses

You must parkour across these steel beams to get to the submarine in Lethal Company
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Whatever this contraption is, submarine, generator, battery, or drill, there's a lot to it. 

The first thing you might notice is "DON'T TELL", graffitied in red text on the side of the sub. "BATTERY" is also inscribed on the back of the device in yellow text, plus there is a yellow arrow pointing to a spot below the front of the device where it looks like something might fit.

Furthermore, the device sits on a set of rails and is pointed at a yellow target etched on the wall of The Company building. These clues are why some members of the community think that this gizmo is not a submarine but a drill.

Whatever it is, above the red text on the side of the device are two slots that appear intended for apparatuses. Apparatuses are large power cells that provide power to the facilities on the various moons in Lethal Company. While the game won't let you stuff apparatuses into these openings yet, we speculate that, eventually, plugging apparatuses into these slots might be key to powering the device and uncovering the related secrets.

So far, no one in the community has been able to work out this easter egg, and the general consensus is that it's not possible yet. But maybe everyone is just missing something? Inspect the device for yourself and see if you can be the first to solve the mystery!

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