How to use the Teleporter in Lethal Company

How to use the Teleporter in Lethal Company
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29th Nov 2023 15:27

If you're approaching the endgame of the survival horror game Lethal Company, then you will need to know how to obtain and use the Teleporter.

As you go on runs to grab more scrap, you’re going to find yourself at risk of dying from all sorts of different monsters - but one way you can escape this situation without losing any health is with the aforementioned Teleporter.

Below, we will explain not only how to use the item, but also how you can get it for yourself in-game.

How to use the Teleporter

To use the Teleporter, you will need to ensure one member of the party stays on the ship. The person spectating the other players can see when they’re in danger, changing the player they are watching using the white button on the ship monitor. On this same monitor, there is also a red button, once you have the Teleporter if you press this twice, the player being watched will be summoned back to the ship.

Once again, this relies on communication between your pals and also quick decision-making. If you are teleported out, then you will drop all of the scrap you have collected so far. It is a big sacrifice, but it may be the only way you can escape with your life. Remember, there is a ten-second cooldown on the device, so make sure you get out the person most at risk first. Otherwise, you could lose more people than you need to.

How to get the Teleporter in Lethal Company

The only way to get the Teleporter in Lethal Company is to buy it. You can buy it from the store in the Terminal - it will set you back 375 Credits in total.

Once you have bought it, it is then automatically equipped for your ship and ready to use.

That is all there is to know about the Teleporter in Lethal Company. If you’re on the lookout for other guides we have also covered the different types of scrap as well as how you can steal beehives - all of this and more can be found on our Lethal Company homepage.

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