All emotes in Lethal Company & how to use them

All emotes in Lethal Company & how to use them
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Dave McAdam


27th Nov 2023 17:23

Want to know how to use emotes in Lethal Company? Communication with your teammates is important in Lethal Company, and while using voice chat is typically the way to go, sometimes it's better to just point at the thing you want to.

Emotes are present in the game, but as it is still in early access, this feature is currently quite limited. Here are the emotes you can use right now, and how to use them.

How to emote in Lethal Company

At present, there are two emotes in Lethal Company. You can press the 1 key to Dance, or the 2 key to Point. That is the extent of emotes in Lethal Company at the moment, but as mentioned, the game is currently in early access so more could be on the way.

The game is being worked on by a lone developer rather than a studio, so players shouldn't expect huge updates to come quickly. We have found no specific mention of more emotes coming to the game, but more features are on the way in the coming months.

The focus will likely be on the more important features like locations, monsters, and items. That said, considering how much this game relies on communication and the fact that there are emotes already in the game gives hope that more emotes are coming. Just don't expect to be hitting the griddy any time soon.

That is it for our emote guide for Lethal Company, we will be back with updates should more info come out. For more on the game, head to our Lethal Company homepage with guides on how to sell items and how to open doors with the Terminal.

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