How to steal beehives in Lethal Company

How to steal beehives in Lethal Company
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28th Nov 2023 10:10

Stealing beehives in Lethal Company is a tricky business, so we’ve got some tips that will help you get your hands on them while doing your best to avoid the monsters in the game.

With an assortment of scrap to sell to try and get the best prices, stealing a beehive may just give you that extra boost which will make surviving the ordeal all the more tantalising.

How to steal beehives in Lethal Company

Stealing beehives in Lethal Company is much easier when you have a team (or at least one other teammate) with you to help you along the way.

Usually, beehives will be surrounded by a swarm of Circuit Bees that will sting you to oblivion if you get too close to their hive. However, if you have a teammate, they can act as bait to distract them and be chased by the Circuit Bees for a brief amount of time while you purloin the hive.

However, if you’re playing solo, a great way to steal beehives in Lethal Company is to get the bees to chase you. Now, this may seem dangerous, but if you run back and away from the hive before rounding back, you can knab the hive and run out of there before you get stung.

Where to find beehives in Lethal Company

While beehive spawns are effectively random in Lethal Company, your best bet is avoiding indoor areas and heading to outdoor maps that are largely baron and without any harsh weather conditions. Typically, players can expect to find some on moons like Assurance, that have more of an arid landscape.

Beehives will be on the ground, protected by their swarm. Fortunately, they weigh absolutely nothing, so when you eventually grab one, you can quickly dart out of there.

That’s everything you need to know about stealing beehives in Lethal Company. With any luck, you’ve managed to make it through relatively unscathed, so you’ll be more than able to give our guide on how to open Terminal Doors in the game a read.

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