Is there a maximum quota in Lethal Company?

Is there a maximum quota in Lethal Company?
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30th Nov 2023 16:43

Lethal Company is the horror game taking the internet by storm right now, and many fans will be wondering if there is a maximum quota. Players are tasked with going into facilities on abandoned moons, finding some junk, and then selling it on to hopefully hit the quota set by the company you’re working for.

Along your journey, you will also buy some new suits, earn rewards and purchase items like the teleporter that can help make your runs more productive as you’re chased down by all manner of monsters. So, here is all you need to know about whether there is a maximum quota in the game, and what the quota actually means.

What is the maximum quota in Lethal Company?

As it stands, there doesn't appear to be a maximum quota in the game. Looking on Reddit and Steam, players have never exceeded a quota of 5000, but there is nothing to suggest you can’t exceed that amount.

The problem is, to reach a higher quota, you will be taking on a huge risk and you could potentially lose the game. You only have three in-game days to meet each quota, so it is not about what the maximum quota is - it has more to do with not being able to get too much more than that in that time.

If you want to get the highest quotas possible, you will need to ensure you’re part of a good team with strong communication and effectively fulfilling different roles.

What is the quota in Lethal Company?

Your quota in Lethal Company is the amount of scrap you need to collect so you can turn a profit. This will be set each time you complete a set of three days, slowly increasing as you continue to play.

If you’re playing Lethal Company, you will need to know how to find beehives as well as how to open doors. We have all of this and more on our Lethal Company homepage.

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