All Lethal Company ship upgrades, cost & how to use

All Lethal Company ship upgrades, cost & how to use
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1st Dec 2023 15:46

Upgrading your ship in Lethal Company won't cover your quota forever, but it should make hitting it slightly easier. Lethal Company can be pretty intense at the best of times, meaning you need all the help you can get.

Ship upgrades are limited but can give you an advantage, provided you can afford them, so here are all the upgrades for your ship, what they can do in the game, and how much they cost.

All ship upgrades in Lethal Company

Here are all of the upgrades you can currently acquire for your ship. Bear in mind, that Lethal Company is an early-access game, so this is almost definitely not the full list of upgrades that the game will have.

As new upgrades are added, we will be back to update this list. So, here are the upgrades, how much they cost, and what they do:

Upgrade Cost (in Credits) Function
Loud Horn 150 Emits a loud horn noise from the ship, which other players can hear from a distance
Teleporter 375 Instantly teleports the currently monitored player back to the ship
Inverse Teleporter 425 Teleports players out of the ship to random locations nearby

Which ship upgrades should you get?

Each upgrade has potential uses, but we would give our strongest recommendation to the TeleporterThe obvious use case for this is to teleport a teammate out of danger, whether they are being attacked by a monster or are simply lost and unable to return to the ship by themselves.

The biggest issue with both teleporters is that they force players who are teleported to drop all items they are currently holding. If you feel the need to teleport a teammate out of danger, be aware that their scrap will likely be lost.

Ship upgrades in the ship store in Lethal Company
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The Inverse Teleporter can only be used to exit the ship, meaning it isn't quite as useful. It is more fun than function, as sending your team to random locations only adds to the chaos this game already brings. Whether this upgrade provides any benefit is entirely up to chance.

Finally, the Loud Horn is a very contextual upgrade. It is exactly what it sounds like, just a loud horn for you to use. What it means is up to you and your friends. You might decide that the horn is a warning of danger, which you can use to alert the other players. Also, it can be used by players to locate the ship in situations where visibility is poor.

That is it for now for our Lethal Company ship upgrades guide, we will be back with updates as more upgrades are released. For more, head to our Lethal Company homepage where you can find guides on topics like the mansion, the submarine, emotes and how to heal.

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