How to get to the Mansion in Lethal Company

How to get to the Mansion in Lethal Company
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Dave McAdam


29th Nov 2023 17:52

Trying to get to the Mansion in Lethal Company? Somehow, Lethal Company gets even scarier when visiting this seemingly innocuous location.

The Mansion is one of the more lucrative locations in the game if you have what it takes to brave it, so here is how to get to it.

How to get to the Mansion

The most effective way to guarantee you reach the Mansion is by heading to Dine or Rend. These are two of the most expensive moons to travel to, and also some of the most deadly. You'll need to be prepared for these places, so you should visit some other moons first.

When you land on either of these moons, look around and you should see pillars with lights on top of them. Follow these lights and they will bring you to the Mansion. This can be the most dangerous part of the whole journey, as the monsters outside the Mansion can be just as if not even more deadly than those within it.

Once inside the mansion, you will have dozens of rooms to explore, and likely a decent amount of valuable scrap to collect. It is a high-risk, high-reward scenario, so be sure to get out with your loot as soon as you can.

Dine and Rend are guaranteed to spawn the Mansion, but they are not the only places where it appears. In truth, it appears it has a very small chance to spawn on other moons too.

That is all we have on the Mansion in Lethal Company. For more handy info, head to our Lethal Company homepage where you can find guides on emotes, how to open doors, and what Eclipsed means.

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