All Lethal Company scrap types & values

All Lethal Company scrap types & values
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27th Nov 2023 17:09

If you want to succeed in Lethal Company, you need to become familiar with scrap types and how much money you can make from them. Your main goal in Lethal Company is to gather and sell as much scrap as you can, but not all scrap is created equal.

There are many types of scrap in the game, and some are more valuable than others, so check out our handy list to learn what you should sell and what you should discard.

All scrap types and their sale values

Below is a list of all the types of scrap in Lethal Company that we could find, as well as their values. Bear in mind, that values change depending on the circumstances. When you go to the shop window, you will see the percentage rate at which you can sell your items.

For example, you might pick up a steering wheel that can be sold for 32 credits. However, when you go to the shop you find it is currently at 50% value, meaning you can only sell it for 16 credits. The closer you get to the deadline, the higher these percentages get. As such, you can risk your scrap by waiting to sell it later when the price is better.

As such, the list below will show you each item as well as the lowest and highest prices we have found for each, to give you an idea of how valuable each item is in comparison.

Scrap Value (Min/Max)
Rubber ducky 2-98
Key 1-3
Player body 5
Tattered metal sheet 10-22
Candy 10-36
Cookie mold pan 12-38
Egg beater 12-43
Steering wheel 16-32
Pill bottle 16-37
Toothpaste 16-48
Hair brush 20
Dust pan 20-28
Big bolt 20-32
Remote 20-45
Stop sign 20-48
V-type engine 20-52
Yield sign 24-32
Toy cube 24-44
Coffee mug 24-68
Plastic fish 28-39
Tea kettle 32-56
Chemical jug 32-85
Laser pointer 32-100
Jar of pickles 36-60
Magic 7 ball 36-71
Large axle 44-52
Bottles 44-56
Magnifying glass 44-60
Golden cup 46-80
Old phone 48-64
Brass bell 48-80
Perfume bottle 48-100
Clown horn 52-71
Bee hive 52-169
Robot toy 65-88
Ring 58-79
Teeth 60-84
Hair dryer 60-98
Fancy lamp 60-128
Red soda 65-85
Airhorn 68
Apparatus 80
Painting 94-124
Cash register 88-160
Gold bar 108-210

That is it for our Lethal Company scrap list and prices. For more, head to our Lethal Company homepage for guides on how to open doors with the Terminal, or monsters and how to avoid them.

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