How to disable a Land Mine in Lethal Company

How to disable a Land Mine in Lethal Company
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6th Dec 2023 14:03

While exploring the facilities on different moons in Lethal Company, you will often find some areas rigged with Land Mines. Triggering the Land Mine means instant death, which is not good as you have a quota to meet in Lethal Company, and death means one less day and more work. 

Since the game doesn't tell you how to disable these Land Mines or even warn you about them, disabling it becomes daunting. So, keep reading our guide as we explain how you can disable Land Mine in Lethal Company.

How to disable a Land Mine

Disable Land Mine in Lethal Company
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In Lethal Company, disabling Land Mines is similar to the Turrets, in which one player must scan the Land Mine to make its code appear on the map, and the other must use the ship's Terminal to deactivate it. 

Firstly, when you encounter a Land Mine in Lethal Company, press the 'RMB' to scan it. Whoever is on the ship must interact with the white Terminal, enter the code that appears at the Land Mine's location, and hit the 'Enter' key.

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We recommend using the "View Monitor" command and switching the view to the player who encountered the Land Mine. Once you can view them, you will find the Land Mine's location denoted by a small red icon and an alphanumeric code appearing on top of it in green colour. 

As said earlier, type in the code and hit Enter to deactivate it. When you do that, the icon turns green to red, implying the Land Mine has been disabled. Remember that you cannot permanently disable Land Mines as they will auto-activate after a few seconds. 

This is why we recommend the player deactivating the Land Mine through the Terminal to use the "View Monitor" command, as they can monitor the status of the Land Mine and relay it to the team over Walkie Talkie to ensure their safety. 

If you are a solo player, we recommend carefully getting past the Land Mine instead of disabling it, as the latter is almost impossible. During our playthrough, we encountered a few Land Mines that we were able to get past by keeping an extra distance from its model. 

That's everything you need to know about how to disable Land Mines in Lethal Company. While you are here, check out our guide on opening Terminal Doors and stealing beehives

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