What does Eclipsed mean in Lethal Company?

What does Eclipsed mean in Lethal Company?
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27th Nov 2023 17:19

If you’ve been playing Lethal Company, you might have spotted the word ‘Eclipsed’ appear next to the name of some moons you can land on in the game.

Lethal Company doesn’t have a tutorial in the traditional sense, leaving players to figure out plenty of the game’s systems for themselves. However, knowing what Eclipsed means before landing on a moon will save you a nasty scare, so we’ve outlined its meaning below.

The meaning of Eclipsed in Lethal Company

Eclipsed is a weather type in Lethal Company, and it means that the moon in question is currently being eclipsed by its planet and sun. Because the sun is completely blocked, landing on an eclipsed moon will mean it will always be nighttime, which has some significant effects on the gameplay.

How does an Eclipse change the gameplay?

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If you land on a planet that is eclipsed, it will be almost completely dark the entire time that you’re there - even outside and during what would normally be the daytime. As such, you’ll need to consider taking a flashlight with you to navigate towards any of the game’s buildings.

As eclipsed moons are much darker, this means that monsters are more likely to spawn outside. This means more Eyeless Dogs, as well as many more terrifying Forest Giants, will be lurking about. You’ll need to be especially careful to avoid them, otherwise, you’re not going to be able to extract any scrap on your current run.

Why should you visit an Eclipsed moon?

If eclipsed moons are so dangerous, why visit them in the first place? Well, eclipsed moons have a very high risk, but also a very high reward attached to them. You’re far more likely to find high-tier scrap spawned on a moon that’s eclipsed versus a moon that isn’t.

So, if you’re getting towards the end of your deadline and have quite a large sum still left in your quota, it might be worth risking a visit to an eclipsed moon to make up the difference. After all, we all know that it ends badly if you don’t meet your quote before the end of your deadline…

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