How to use MoreCompany to play Lethal Company with more players

How to use MoreCompany to play Lethal Company with more players
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For how much fun Lethal Company is, it's even better with a group of buddies! By default, Lethal Company supports up to four players in a single server, which is hardly enough, but with the help of mods, you can expand server sizes to fit mobs of crewmates loyal to The Company. This primer details how to use MoreCompany to play the co-op horror game with more friends.

How to play Lethal Company with more players

You must install third-party mods to raise the maximum player count for your server in Lethal Company. Right now, the primary mod most players use for this task is MoreCompany. However, there are alternatives, such as BiggerLobby.

How to install MoreCompany

MoreCompany on the Thuderstore
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MoreCompany is available on Thunderstore, a mod database and API. The easiest way to get MoreCompany up and running is to install the Thunderstore Mod Manager.

To use the Thunderstore Mod Manager, you must first select Lethal Company in the Thunderstore Mod Manager and import or create a profile, then select it. Now, search for and download the following mods:

After that, click Modded at the top of the Thunderstore Mod Manager to launch Lethal Company with MoreCompany!

How to use MoreCompany

Modded servers on Lethal Company
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If you have MoreCompany installed and functioning properly, you'll see an option to set a maximum number of players when you create a new server on Lethal Company. With MoreCompany, you can pack up to 32 players on a server!

While the prospect of scavenging scrap for The Company with an army of allies is enticing, there are some limitations to MoreCompany. Naturally, Lethal Company is designed to accommodate a maximum of eight players in a server, so if you have more than that, you won't be able to spectate everyone, and the Performance Report will only list eight players. Furthermore, to join in and play on one of these super-sized servers, all participants must have MoreCompany.

Using third-party mods to increase the max player count in Lethal Company might sound overwhelming, but in reality, it's really not that difficult. And with all your friends on the same server, besting those monsters and selling items to The Company will be a breeze!

Check out our Lethal Company homepage for more guides on the trendy co-op indie horror game from Zeekerss.

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