All Lethal Company monsters & how to avoid them

All Lethal Company monsters & how to avoid them
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23rd Nov 2023 17:29

Lethal Company is filled to bursting with vicious monsters, so you’ll need to know how to avoid them if you’re going to make it through the game with plenty of loot by the final day.

Salvaging and selling is the name of the game in Lethal Company, but if you’re going to get your hands on an enviable amount of scrap, you may have to confront Coil-Heads, Thumpers, and all manner of monstrosities, so let’s see how to avoid each of them.

How many monsters are in Lethal Company?

In total, there are 17 monsters so far for you to watch out for in Lethal Company. Each of these monsters has an entry in the game’s Bestiary, which can be checked by typing in “bestiary” in the ship’s terminal.

How to avoid monsters in Lethal Company

You’ll quickly find that some of the monsters are non-hostile or will only attack when provoked in Lethal Company. However, these are few and far between, so here’s how to get away from the worst of the worst.


How to avoid

Baboon Hawk

Do not attack or get too near. They will not be hostile unless provoked.


Look at it briefly to have it run away. However, don’t stare for too long otherwise it will continue to attack.

Bunker Spiders

Keep your distance and stay away from webbed areas.

Circuit Bee

Steal their hive but run away from the inevitable swarm.


Coil-Head will only move when not being looked at. As a group, have one person maintain visuals and back away.

Earth Leviathan

Run in a different direction from where you were going when the Earth Leviathan starts moving beneath you.

Eyeless Dog

Eyeless Dogs are… well… eyeless. So, walk slowly past them at a distance so they don’t hear you.

Forest Keeper

Stand still and stay out of it’s visuals.

Ghost Girl

Only one person will see the Ghost Girl. If you’re that player, get out of there and run away.

Hoarding Bug

They only attack when they have objects stolen. Can be killed with shovels.


Slow moving so can be avoided. Easier to find elevation or to jump over.


Run away while Jester is winding up before skull pops out.


Not hostile.

Roaming Locust

Not hostile.

Snare Flea

Can be hit with shovels. Be sure to keep checking ceilings to see if it is hanging over you.

Spore Lizard

Don’t get too close. Only hostile when approached or provoked.


Dodge charges.

That’s everything you need to start avoiding all the monsters lurking in Lethal Company. If you’re looking to get off to a good start, be sure to check out how to sell your items and scrap for the best prices in Lethal Company so you can get your hands on a tidy profit and make your spooky sacrifices worth it.

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