How to get Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company

How to get Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company
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6th Dec 2023 14:17

To survive in Lethal Company and keep your job by maintaining quotas, you must have the right survival items and ship upgrades bought using the in-game Credits. While you can earn money by selling off scraps at the Company Building in Lethal Company, getting an Overtime Bonus after runs increases the pay.

So, if you want to earn more Credits in the game while selling off scrap, keep reading our guide as it explains how you can get an Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company. 

How to get Overtime Bonus

Revisit Moon to get Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company
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To get the Overtime Bonus in Lethal Company, you must revisit a moon successively without selling the Scraps to the Company. The more you revisit a moon before selling your Scraps, the more Overtime Bonus you get in the game. 

Land on a Moon in Lethal Company
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Here is the gameplay flow that you must follow to get the Overtime Bonus:

  1. Start a run by landing on a Moon 
  2. Head to the facility 
  3. Collect scrap and bring it back to the ship 
  4. Once you meet your quota, go back to orbit 
  5. Now, instead of heading to another Moon or The Company to sell off the scrap, land on the same moon
  6. Repeat from Step 2 

Once you have done multiple runs, head to the Company and sell the scrap. Doing so will give you an Overtime Bonus, which is always good as you can use it to purchase new survival items from the Store, accessed via the Terminal.

Selling Scraps In Lethal Company
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Remember, the more runs you do on the same moon, based on RNG, the more harsh the environment becomes due to weather conditions. Another point to remember is that staying after curfew is a no-go, as it will not help you with an Overtime Bonus.

It's easy to get confused thinking that staying longer on a Moon than intended will help you get an Overtime Bonus. However, that is not the case as it is associated with the number of runs and Scraps you collect on a Moon, back to back. 

Lastly, if you have landed on one of the paid moons, ensure you don't return to the company building after meeting a quota. Instead, head back to the moon once you are in orbit. If you fail to do so, you must pay the price for landing on the moon again.

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