All Lethal Company suits & how to get them

All Lethal Company suits & how to get them
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Dave McAdam


1st Dec 2023 17:29

The various suits of Lethal Company may have no practical uses, but just because you live in a sci-fi capitalist dystopia, doesn't mean fashion is any less important.

In Lethal Company, players can change up their look, but only if they can afford a new one. What's more, buying a new suit isn't quite as straightforward as you might like, as the game's store is constantly changing.

All suits in Lethal Company

There are currently three suits you can purchase in Lethal Company, which are as follows:

Suit Price (Credits)
Green 60
Hazard 90
Pajamas 900

As we've mentioned, these suits are purely cosmetic, and despite the names, they serve no gameplay purpose. Unfortunately, the Hazard suit will not keep you safe from any of Lethal Company's dangers, and certainly not any of the monsters. Sadly, nor will the Pajama suit give you a better night's sleep.

How to get new suits

The Lethal Company store with the Hazard suit on sale
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As mentioned above, each suit comes with a cost. The Green and Hazard suits can be purchased from the store for 60 and 90 Credits respectively. It's up to you if you can spare the change and still make your quota. The Pajamas cost a whopping 900 Credits, for those of you who are truly reckless or have found some incredible scrap.

While these suits are purchased from the store, it's worth noting that they are not always available. The contents of the store change as the game progresses, meaning which suits are available to purchase will change regularly.

That's it for our guide to new suits in Lethal Company. For more on the game, check out our Lethal Company homepage where we have guides on various topics like ship upgrades, how to use the Teleporter, and how to heal.

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