The Squid Game Minecraft Mod Competition That's Dominating Twitch

The Squid Game Minecraft Mod Competition That's Dominating Twitch
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25th Jan 2022 17:34

It's nothing but green lights for 'The Twitch Rivals: SquidCraft Games ft. Komanche' at the minute, as the competition continues to dominate Twitch and pull in a whopping amount of viewers across the world. 

If you're unfamiliar with the SquidCraft Games, then don't worry. It's a Spanish-language rivals competition featuring a popular Minecraft mod based on Netflix's hugely-popular TV series Squid Game. Of course, there are a plethora of Minecraft mods out there that are truly a wonder to behold. For example, players can take a tour around the precious world of Middle Earth, or even give DOOM a blocky makeover

However, there is just something about the Squid Game mod which has really captured the interests of players and esports fans. So much so, that 'SquidCraft Games' has subsequently become one of the most popular Twitch Rivals event of all time.

When Did The SquidCraft Twitch Rivals Event Begin?

The Squidcraft Twitch Rivals competition all kicked off on January 19 much to the delight of Minecraft fans around the world. The six-day event was hosted by streamer "Komanche" along with Raúl "Auronplay" Genes, the original creator of the mod. 150 primarily Spanish-speaking content creators entered into the competition to win a whopping $100,000. That's if they could survive the games, of course. 

Fans of the wildly-successful TV series could expect to see some of the most recognisable scenes from the show. This included the show's colourful maze-like staircase and the creepy doll from the infamous 'Red Light, Green Light' scene. Even, the iconic mask-clad soldiers in the show got their very own Minecraft makeover. Since the show's release, many fans have been inspired to create some epic Squid Game and video game crossovers. Ever wanted to see Mario try to frantically lick honeycomb? Check it out here.  

How Popular Has The SquidCraft Twitch Rivals Event Been?

To say the SquidCraft Twitch Rivals competition has been popular, would be a massive understatement. On January 24, the event pulled in 2 million concurrent viewers and pulled in over 15 million hours watched over the course of the event. However, arguably, the player who came out on top was streamer "Elxokas", who broke records on the final day of the event for achieving the highest record of visits in a Minecraft live gameplay ever. 

The 30-year-old gained 1.2 million maximum viewers and 13 million live visits in one day alone. In the end, he was the Player 456 of the tournament, walking away with the $100,000 cash prize. Following his win, Elxokas took to Twitter to thank his fans for all their support and wished his congratulations to all the other participants. 

If you missed out on the event, not to fear. With the wild success of this SquidCraft Twitch Rivals over the past 6 days, it's likely we haven't seen the last of the phenomenon. 


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