Minecraft Ice Cream Is A Real Thing You Can Actually Buy

Minecraft Ice Cream Is A Real Thing You Can Actually Buy
Mojang | Nick's

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Joseph Kime


15th Sep 2022 12:20

Minecraft has become a merchandising powerhouse. The blocky indie has come a long way since its beta, with the game blowing up on YouTube and getting plastered all over the t-shirts of every 7-year-old across the world.


Minecraft has become impossible to ignore and has engrained itself in broader pop culture, let alone the cultures of the internet and gaming at large. Steve is an icon, and given that you can barely walk out of a supermarket without seeing him, it's clear that the reach of Minecraft is gargantuan. And now, it looks like we're straying into scran.

What Is The Minecraft Ice Cream?

In a surprise collaboration, it has been revealed that Nick's Ice Cream has created some Minecraft-themed flavours of the chilly stuff. It's just in case you wondered what glowstone tasted like.

The collaboration was revealed in a video on Twitter, with the company announcing the flavours Peanut Choklad Glowdust, Emerald Minta, Enchanted Apple Pie, and Cake Blocka. The ice creams are Swedish-inspired, totally keto-friendly, and with no extra sugar, which bodes well for us intending to gobble all of them in quick succession.

The ice creams look great, but it seems that the rest of the world is thinking the same, as you're going to have to join the queue if you want to bag the frozen treat for yourself. Gamers loved the idea, as one joked, "What’s next, Minecraft restaurant? Introducing creeper fries, zombie nuggets, spider burger, enderman soda, villager emerald salad." Well, we're sold on that idea too!


How Do You Sign Up For Minecraft Ice Cream?

If you want to try the Minecraft ice cream for yourself, then good luck - as you're going to have to sign up for early access, as it has been produced in a limited quantity. Yep, even video game foods have early access these days. For the time being, most of us are just going to have to "chill."

Who knows what the stock situation is going to be like once the first bout of ice cream gets sent out, but don't play it safe - sign up if you fancy some. We should have known to expect the unexpected at this stage with Minecraft merchandise, yet this is something we couldn't have foreseen. If we could get some Minecraft sandwiches next, that'd be sick, thanks, Mojang.

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