Minecraft Mod Turns The Game Into DOOM

Minecraft Mod Turns The Game Into DOOM
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Joseph Kime


10th Jan 2022 14:16

There's no mistaking the incredible influence that the original DOOM has had on gaming. The boomer shooter revolutionised how games could be played, and turned the perspective of how immersive interactive experiences could be.

The game is the inspiration behind a huge sum of modern shooters, and many simply wouldn't exist without DOOM's incredible influence. It's also why the franchise has been able to make such a huge and bombastic comeback, in 2016's DOOM and its adrenaline-fuelled sequel, DOOM Eternal.

And now, modders have thrown some of the game's most iconic images into another game for the ages, to create a brilliant mod we can't live without for another second.

Minecraft Modder Creates DOOM Mod

One Minecraft modder has brought hell to the Nether in a visceral new mod for the game, that brings demons into the blocky world.

The ambitious project, dubbed DOOMED: Demons of the Nether brings demons to the world of Minecraft in a trailer underscored by the rebooted game's signature Djent soundtrack. The video shows off some low-poly demons wandering around iconic Minecraft-ified maps from the reboot, until Doomguy finally shows up, cocks his shotgun, and goes to town on them.

The mod looks like incredible fun, bringing over a wealth of weapons from the game, including the BFG and the Chainsaw.

How Do I Install The DOOMED Mod?

Doom Minecraft
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All you have to do to take a trip to hell in your Minecraft world is make sure that your version of the game is the Java edition, then follow the steps that the mod creator Sibogy has outlined on their website.

It's a fairly straightforward process, and if you've installed mods into the game before, you'll likely be familiar with how it all works. If not, the website shows you in detail how to get the job done.

The mod is incredibly faithful to the game's reboot and is sure to be a bloody romp to while away a few hours. Now get in there and clean up the Nether as Doomguy. Pinkies had better watch out.


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